Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 313

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Chapter 313

As if Shaun has become an enemy in everyone’s eyes at this moment.

It’s just that, with a playful smile on the corner of Shaun’s mouth, he said:

“So I suggest improving this music!”

“In the second bar, F/C is raised, in D major!”

“The third bar, B/E/A flat, in E major!”

Improve piano music!

After hearing Shaun’s words, the atmosphere in the entire restaurant got paused.

Everyone there couldn’t believe their ears.

Is he crazy?

“The Love of Gifting Fan” is a masterpiece and it is included in the world’s top piano scores.

Let alone Shaun even the world’s top pianist, cannot improve this kind of work.

after all, it is difficult to improve a piano song.

In particular, top piano music has reached the ceiling of musical boundaries. If you want to improve, there is a need to be someone with super knowledge about piano music.


In the entire western restaurant, the pot was completely exploded, and all the people around laughed loudly.

“Hahaha…Did you hear what that kid said? He actually said to improve “Zengfan”

“Humph! This man is really an idiot, does he think he is better than the gods?”

“Yeah, he must be blasphemous who questions the god’s work!”


The sound of laughter around was noisy.

And when these dense ridicules fell in the ears of the Elvira family, their faces suddenly became hot.

Elvira felt ashamed to the extreme.

“Shaun, shut up!”

She flushed while looking at Shaun with anger.

She didn’t expect that Shaun would be this stupid.

Someone who doesn’t even understands the rhythm, how can he suggests improving “The Love of Zengfan”. Isn’t he an idiot?

Even Bai Shan and Paula looked at Shaun with dismay.

“Hahaha…Shaun, you really opened my eyes! I haven’t seen someone bragging, but it’s the first time I’ve seen you.” Zhang Boyu was so happy at the moment.

In his eyes, Shaun is an idiot.

Pretends to be a master, but he is a fool

And Zhang Caiers pretty face is full of sarcasm:

“Shaun, you are a real embarrassment for Elvira. Alas, I really don’t understand, how can Sister Elvira tolerate you such a braggart! “

Almost everyone looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a joker.

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