Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 314

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Chapter 314

And Mo Yiran, after hearing what Shaun said, also sneered:

“Sir, your method of improvement is the second bar, F/C is raised, in D major! In the third bar, B/E/A is lowered, is it in E major?”

“you sure?”

Huh huh!

One after another, eyes fell on Shaun’s body.

As everyone watched, Shaun nodded calmly, and the corner of his mouth curled up:

“I am full sure!”

“Okay! Since this gentleman is so sure, then I make an exception today, and try the method as he said!” Mo Yiran’s pretty face became colder:

“However, if your suggestion makes this Divine music lose its flavor, then I hope you will apologize and repent to Fan Shen and “Zeng Fan Zhi Lian”!”

“Of course, if your suggestion is better than Fanshen’s, then I will apologize to you!”


Everyone around is in an uproar. They couldn’t think that Mo Yiran actually agreed to Shaun’s suggestion.

However, no one is optimistic about Shaun.

In their minds, what Shaun said was definitely the destruction and blasphemy of “The Love of Zengfan”.

At this moment, under everyone’s attention.

Mo Yiran walked back to the stage and sat in front of the piano again, and then took a deep breath, calming her breath.

She placed her hands on the piano keys, began to play.

Still the love of gift fan!

When the rhythm just sounded, all the customers of the entire western restaurant once again got immersed in the influence of that wonderful music.

They were like wandering in the ocean of piano music, and their nerves were soothing and refreshing.

The first section is over.

When it came to the second bar, Mo Yiran raised the second bar, F/C, after D major.

Ding-Ding Ding…

When the improved notes floated to the ears of every customer, everyone’s closed eyes opened one after another.


Because everyone can feel the difference in the rhythm, if the previous rhythm is to relax them, then after the improvement, these notes actually make all the cells of their body tremble.

That’s right, it is an amazing moment.

Especially the overall music rhythm, in this change, seems to produce a kind of catalyst effect, making the whole song more perfect and coordinated.

How can this be!

Not only the audience was shocked even Mo Yiran, who was playing piano, her eyelids jumping wildly.

For the subtle changes in the rhythm, the perception is clearer.

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