Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 322

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Chapter 322

“Damn bastard! Isn’t he just a waste person? He made my brother Zhang Boyu so embarrassed!”

Zheng Xiong’s eyes were filled with anger.

He and Zhang Boyu are buddies.

Seeing his buddy failed to get his love, but was even hit so miserably by this crap person.

As soon as his eyes rolled, Zheng Xiongji thought of something.

He quickly found a waiter and told him something.

Suddenly, the waiter nodded, and then slowly walked towards Shaun’s table.

When the waiter came to Shaun’s table, he respectfully said:

“Sir, let me pour wine for you!”

That’s it!

Before Shaun could answer, the waiter picked up the red wine bottle and helped Shaun get the drink.

It’s just that the wine has just been poured, and he gently touched the glass with the bottle!

In an instant, the red wine spilled!

The wine glass fell to the ground!



This scene made Shaun, Elvira, and others stunned, but the whole family saw that the waiter’s expression changed instantly:

“Sir, you broke a wine glass, now you have to compensate!”


Upon hearing this, the Elvira family’s complexion got slightly ugly.

After all, they saw it with their own eyes that the waiter had broken this glass and Shaun didn’t even touch it.

However, Elvira and others are very well-trained, and they are not willing to argue with the waiter because of broken glass:

“Okay! How much is this cup, we will compensate!”

Elvira said, she wants to open her wallet.

But at this moment.

The waiter’s sneer’s voice suddenly came:

“This cup is specially made and belongs to the treasure of our Phil Western restaurant!”

“The price is half a million!”


The waiter’s words changed the expressions of Elvira’s family.

Not only them.

Even the customers around got stunned to hear this.

“What’s the matter with you, waiter? What kind of cup it is that it costs half a million?”

“Yes, and we have seen that you broke it, and you are blaming us!”

“What a shame!”


Many customers around, because of Shaun, stood up with Elvira and her family and kept accusing the waiter.

However, the waiter didn’t care, and said calmly:

“The cup belongs to our Phil Western restaurant, I said it costs 500,000, that is, 500,000!”


As soon as these words came out of the waiter’s mouth, Elvira and everyone’s expressions changed.

They could see that the waiter was making things difficult for them.

“Where’s Boss Zheng? I’m looking for your boss!” Bai Shan said with a gloomy face.

Hearing this!

Da da da!

Zheng Xiong swaggered over.

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