Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 321

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Chapter 321



At this moment, Zhang Boyu was completely like a clown in a western restaurant and was ridiculed by everyone around him.

Seeing this scene, the Baishan couple understood Zhang Boyu’s intention.

Although they are disgusted with what Zhang Boyu has done, they don’t want to embarrass him too much. So they said:

“Bo Yu, what’s up with you?”

“Yes… I’m sorry! Uncle, Auntie! I feel a little uncomfortable today!”

Zhang Boyu’s face is hot at this moment.

He smiled awkwardly at Elvira and said:

“Elvira, when I buy the tickets for the’Fan Zhilian’ concert, I will see you at that time! I am leaving now!”

That’s it!

Without waiting for Elvira to reply, Zhang Boyu dragged his sister Zhang Caier with a desperate face and fled away.

Seeing this scene!

Elvira and Paula smiled while looking at each other:

“It seems that this time, Boyu was hit hard by Shaun!”

While talking, Baishan and Paula looked at their son-in-law.

Shaun was gulping his steak and drinking red wine as if he didn’t know what happened.

The corners of Bai Shan and Paula’s lips twitched fiercely.

This guy doesn’t do anything, and let his rivals run away. If Zhang Boyu came to know about this, he would become angrier.

Elvira didn’t care about Zhang Boyu’s departure.

For her, the biggest thing is to know about her husband’s piano skills.

“My wife, eat these very delicious steaks, and the red wine is fragrant and aromatic! Yummy!” Shaun said to Elvira bluntly while eating and drinking.

Hearing Shaun’s words Elvira smiled, that her pretty face blows like blooming flowers, with a strong hint of happiness:

“You eat more! Take my steak as well!”

A trace of love appeared on Elvira’s pretty face.

She was like a gentle and considerate young wife, gently putting the steak on Shaun’s plate.

After that, she held her cheeks and looked at her husband having a meal.

Especially after seeing Shaun’s mouth full of greasy, she laughed and reached out her hand tenderly to help Shaun wipe off the oil stains on the corners of his mouth.

It was as if Elvira is completely immersed in Shaun.

When the Baishan couple saw this, they glance at each other.

They felt that their daughter has changed.

As if falling in love with Shaun.

Just now!

But they didn’t notice that this all scene was watching by Zheng Xiong.

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