Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 355

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Chapter 355

“Others will misunderstand.” Grace bit her lip, tears in her eyes, feeling wronged and pitiful.

“What’s the misunderstanding?” Jacob frowned.

Is she from Mars? Why did what he said made him feel obscure?

Grace Liuli black pupil stared at him sullenly, “It’s all you. If you want me to die, just say, I can jump off the building, jump into the sea, or cut my wrists to commit suicide. In short, there are thousands of ways as you wish. Why do you have to drink that nasty thing for me?”

Jacob’s Rolls-Royce slammed the brakes and stopped by the roadside.

Turning his head back, looking at the sad and weeping little woman, laughed and laughed.

“Are you saying that I drank you HIV liquid, which made you-got a strange disease?” He asked a little uncertainly.

“Isn’t it? I have a red rash, and my limbs are weak. This is the symptom of the disease.” Grace choked.


“Grace. Do you know how the pig died?”

He was very depressed. Early in the morning, he accompanied the two women on the street to stage a variety of terrifying plots. It turned out that they were misled by these two little-brained women.

Grace didn’t suspect that he was taunting her, so she continued, “It’s stupid.”

Jacob pulled his lips. “Do you still know?”

Grace reacted, “Are you scolding me? You are a pig, and your whole family is a pig.”

Jacob’s eyes instantly froze.

Grace shrank her neck and leaned back vigorously. I’m afraid this god and Buddha will get angry.

Jacob sullenly, stepping on the accelerator and whizzing away.

Came to Media Asia Hospital. Grace pulled the handle inside the car door and couldn’t get out of the car.

Standing beside the car door, Jacob said angrily, “Grace, come down.”

“I don’t. When I go to the hospital, the news that I have a strange illness will spread…I will lose the face to be a human being.”

“Media Asia keeps the patient’s information confidential.” Jacob explained patiently.

“Then I won’t go either. If I go, my medical history will be recorded.”

“Grace. You didn’t get a strange disease. I didn’t drink the pathogenic liquid for you!”

Grace was dubious, “I don’t believe it. Then why do I feel weak in limbs?”

“I was scared.” The corner of Jacob’s lips stretched out.

Grace obviously didn’t believe it, “I am so intimidated? And, I… still have a rash?”

“So go to the hospital for examination!” Jacob said.

Grace held the car door stubbornly and said, “I’m not going.”

Jacob exhausted his patience and roared angrily, “Luo-Shi-Han, get out.”

Janice parked the car behind the Rolls-Royce, heard his brother’s angry voice, ran over in a panic, “Brother, if you have something to say, please.”

“Nothing to say. Grace, I count three times, and I will unload the car door if I don’t come out again.”

Grace let go of his hand timidly.

Jacob opened the door, bent over and picked her up.

Grace was frightened…”Zhan Ye, I can walk by myself.”

“Aren’t you weak in limbs?” he teased her.

Grace’s lips twitched slightly, “I was scared. Are you all right now?”

Jacob ignored her nagging. Hugging her and ran straight inside.

Janice scratched his head, “What are these two people doing? Is this love or killing?”

Janice chased after him.

Jacob sent Grace to the dermatology department. The first-level expert was a gentle and lovely old lady. After seeing Grace’s rash, she asked her, “Have you eaten anything that can cause allergies?”

Grace thought for a while and shook his head.

“I have not been allergic to anything since I was young.”

Jacob condenses his eyebrows, this girl is still a Irene physique?

“Grace, not having allergies as a child does not mean that her constitution will not change when she grows up.” He reminded her vaguely.

Grace suddenly started. She is now Grace. She really doesn’t know whether Grace is allergic to something or not.

“Check her allergen.”

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