Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 356

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Chapter 356

Jacob thought for a while and wanted to add, “Also, check the serum antibody of HIV!”

The eyes of the doctor’s wife instantly became a little indescribable.

Is the CEO’s requirement for women’s cleanliness really different?

Grace refused, “That…no need to check.”

Jacob looked down at the woman who almost got into the cracks of the ground, and smiled.

So shy?

“Check it out. And…” Jacob cast his gaze on Janice behind him, “Give her a checklist as well.”

Janice jumped up, “Brother, what do you mean? Your sister is pure-hearted, and lives like Master Exterminator. How can you doubt me?”

After Jacob gave the order, she sat comfortably in the chair next to him.

Grace and Janice suddenly.

After a while, the nurse came over with a syringe and drew blood on the spot.

Soon, the results came out.

However, the result of the inspection was cut off by Jacob, “Give it to me!”

Grace wanted to rush to grab it, and Jacob raised the checklist. The advantages of long legs and long arms made Grace tired.

“Eat more food, grow taller and grab it later.” Jacob said coldly.

Grace looked up at him frustratedly… “Does Media Asia have the technology to increase people?” asked seriously.

Jacob: “…”


Grace’s eyes burst into light, but Jacob poured cold water down, “But you have passed adolescence.”

Grace’s face was dark.

Jacob checked the three checklists carefully.

The first one was from Janice, there was no problem, Jacob returned it to Janice.

The second one is Grace’s HIV serum antibody checklist, all negative. Jacob handed it to Grace after reading it.

Grace saw the checklist. Dumbfounded.

Looking at the third checklist, Jacob frowned.

Returning the checklist to Grace, when Grace saw the four plus signs in front of the mango, she remembered that she was drinking fruit wine yesterday.


So she is really allergic?

Therefore, what Jacob gave her was not HIV-causing liquid.

After coming out of the hospital, Grace felt that Jacob’s eyes looked like she looked at a panda.

The corner of his eyes was grinning, full of sarcasm.

Janice was also embarrassed, holding Grace’s hand, usually flying and arrogant, but today there was no word on his face.

The two of them were probably embarrassed. They walked into a tree, and Grace screamed while clutching her forehead and grinning!


“Grace…” Jacob suddenly called her.

Grace turned her head, Jacob’s eyes fell on her forehead.

Seeing the scratched forehead, Jacob’s face was gloomy.


“Where to go?” Grace asked vigilantly.

“Calendar Garden.”

Grace put her arms around her chest and asked vigilantly, “What do you want to do again?”

Janice stared at Grace’s behavior, stunned.

Didn’t her brother bully Grace?

Jacob Liang said quietly, “Take you back and deal with the children.”

Grace lowered her hand in embarrassment, it seemed that she was saving the abdomen of a gentleman with the heart of a villain.

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