Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 325

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Chapter 325

Shaun is still quiet!


Just listen to the rapid braking sound of cars, sounding at the door of the western restaurant.

Everyone saw that there were three vans. When the doors opened, a dozen big men with machetes came down from the door.

Especially their leader is nearly two meters tall.

With a sturdy back, like a moving iron tower, the muscles all over his body bulged high, seeming to be able to burst his clothes at any time.

Seeing this man, all the customers turned pale with fear.

He is a famous black bear!

“No one can dare to fight in his territory!!!”

When the black bear entered the restaurant, the roar that resembled a thunder explosion rang out, making everyone’s ears hum.

Seeing this scene.

Zheng Xiong got overjoyed, and ran forward and said:

“Brother Xiong, you are here!”

After finishing speaking, Zheng Xiong pointed to Shaun and said grimly:

“It’s this kid! Tell him to pay five million otherwise, break his legs!”


Hearing this, the black bear and the others looked towards Shaun. When they saw that Shaun was so thin and looked like a college student, the group of big men suddenly laughed.

“He is just a small dried vegetable like a person. Isn’t it enough for Master Xiong to grit his teeth?”

A fierce luster splashed out of the black bear’s eyes, and when he stepped on, he wanted to walk towards Shaun.

Just at this moment, a hand suddenly grabbed him.

“Brother Xiong, wait a minute!”

A strong, flat-headed man next to him said aloud at the moment.


The black bear got startled, then turned his head and asked in confusion:

“Eagle, what are you saying?”

Hearing this, the brawny man named Eagle was scanning Shaun, his eyes flashing with a surprise:

“Brother Xiong, I think I know this person as if I have seen him in the club some time ago!”

“But, I have seen him from a distance, as if Lord Tiger was bowing to him?”


As soon as this remark came out, the black bear and others got shocked.

And everyone burst into laughter:

“Hahaha… Eagle, are you stupid? Don’ you know, what kind of person is my elder brother? Even people like Tianlong Xu get fear from my elder brother!”

“This kid, what is he!”

The black bear is not believing him at all. In his eyes, his elder brother was Jiang Shi’s most powerful villain.

Bow to people?

Especially bowing to such a thin young man?

What a joke.

Not only him!

Zheng Xiong next to him also sneered, pointing to Shaun contemptuously and said to the black bear and others:

“Brother Xiong, this kid is just a crap person. How can he know someone like Lord Tiger!”

This sentence made the black bear’s face more brutal.

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