Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 324

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Chapter 324

When the call got connected, Zheng Xiong showed a smile on his face, and said quickly:

“Hey! Brother Xiong, there is a problem in my restaurant, can you bring someone over quickly!”

Brother Xiong!

Hearing this name, the surrounding customers changed their expressions, and they all got panicked.

“Xiong, he is a black bear.”

“This restaurant is in the street from where black bear belongs. Who else is coming with him?”

“Mom! It is said that this person can kill anyone with one punch, especially since his whole body is dark, so that is why people call him a black bear! Back then, he singled out twenty or thirty singles and took the power that was entrenched in this street before. Kill all! Extremely cruel!”

In an instant, upon hearing the name of black Bear’, all the surrounding customers’ complexions changed.

Some were even timider, their faces turned earthy in fright, and began to leave.

Not only that!

The comments from the surrounding customers also reached the ears of Elvira’s family.

With one punch he can kill a person.

He can beat twenty or thirty people at a time!

After hearing the qualities of the black bear, Elvira’s family suddenly turned pale with fright.

“Shaun…” Elvira looked at Shaun, with deep worry in her expression.

But Shaun smiled slightly:

“My wife, don’t worry, you go out with your parents and wait for me in the car!”

“I will come soon!”


Hearing this, Zheng Xiong’s face showed deep contempt and disdain and immediately thought that Shaun was completely bragging.

However, he didn’t want to impede Elvira’s family. After all, Zhang Boyu still has a love for Elvira, so he said:

“Uncle, aunt, and Miss Elvira, this matter has nothing to do with you, you can leave now!”

Hearing this!

The Baishan family’s complexion changed, but they even knew that Shaun had beaten more than twenty alone.

Regarding Shaun, they were relaxed.

“Okay! Shaun, staying here will only distract you. I will go out with my parents in the car and wait for you!”

After Elvira finished speaking, she took Bai Shan and Paula and left the restaurant.

When the family of three left.

The sarcasm on Zheng Xiong’s face became more intense, and he looked at Shaun as if he was looking at an idiot, a dead person:

“Boy, you offended my brother!”

“Today, I broke your legs to let you know that some women don’t deserve this kind of hanging silk!”


As soon as this remark came out, some guests around were in an uproar.

Zhang Boyu himself was useless, lost his face, and fled in a hurry. This Zheng Xiong is even more despicable and shameless. He wants to help his friend and using cruel methods to make Elvira change her mind.

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