Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 357

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Chapter 357

Janice was like a loach, opened the door of Rolls-Royce and sat on the back seat first. “I’ll go too. I think Jas Derek and Faith are in my house.”

Grace slowly got into the car.

Although she was worried that Jacob would do bad things to her again, she really cared about the children too much.

Jacob looked at the two women in the back seat and whizzed coldly, “I don’t want to drive.”

Janice and Grace looked at each other, which meant that one of them had to sit next to the Demon King.

Grace arched up and stood up and said, “Then I will drive.”

She did not want to sit next to Jacob.

Jacob asked her coldly, “Do you have a driver’s license?”

Grace sat back depressed.

Irene can drive and has a driver’s license.

But she is Grace now?

Janice admitted her fate and said helplessly, “Well, I’ll go drive.”

She suspected that her brother used her as a free driver.

After Janice came out of the back seat, Jacob got in gracefully.

Sitting next to Grace, Grace suddenly felt that winter was coming.

Close the half-open collar, still can’t stop the ice sculpture next to her.

“If it’s cold, turn on the air conditioner.” Jacob looked at her sideways, his eyes as deep as the sea.

Grace looked at the bright sun outside the window. Although it has been a long time since autumn, the noon sun shines warmly, and the temperature and climate are pleasant and comfortable.

Turning on heating and cooling air-conditioning in this season will only backfire, right?

Janice turned on the heating and air-conditioning, covering her head.

After a while, everyone in the car’s interior was hot and sweaty.

Jacob took off his coat and put it on his knees casually.

Wearing a blue shirt, the delicate buttons are meticulously buttoned to the first one, setting off the perfect jaw line. Make him look more charming and charming.

Grace sat with him, very cautious.

Jacob unlocked the first button…It seems that only this way is a little cooler.

Grace glanced at his sexy Adam’s apple inadvertently, and for some reason he thought of the perfect figure below the Adam’s apple that was comparable to a supermodel.

Then, the roots of the ears suddenly became red.

Jacob turned his head to stare at her, even if she turned her face away from him and saw the reaction of her ears, he raised his lips with pride.

“It’s hot!” Janice was very irritable, turned her head and glanced at Grace who was wearing a thick coat in the back seat.

“Sister-in-law, aren’t you hot?”

Grace said, “I am not hot. My body is cold.”

Jacob looked at the fine beads of sweat on her forehead, drew a tissue and handed it to her, “Wipe off the sweat.”

Janice: “…”

Grace: “…”

Grace took it in embarrassment and wiped her sweat.

Janice looked at Grace, who was so embarrassed by her elder brother, that her sympathy overflowed, and she immediately stood up for Grace.

“Brother, don’t you see that Sister-in-law doesn’t want to take off her coat in front of you?”

Of course Jacob could see it.

Janice said again, “Big Brother, a girl like Sister-in-law who can still sit still and see you is on the verge of extinction. You have to cherish her and don’t bully her!”

Jacob nodded thoughtfully. “Ok.”

Having seen each other frankly so many times, and being so shy, it’s innocent and almost extinct.

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