Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 326

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Chapter 326

“Huh! He hates Shaun’s face the most!”

“Brothers, bring him for me!”

With a word from the black bear!


Dozen big men raised the machetes in their hands and rushed towards Shaun.

The dense clusters of machetes, like snowflakes, smashed their heads and covered their faces at Shaun and swung them down frantically.

This scene scared all the customers around and they turned pale.

That’s it!

They couldn’t imagine that such a super genius with piano talent would be cut into pieces in a blink of an eye.

There are even some who are timid and can’t bear to look at them at this moment.

But at this time!

Shaun’s eyes flashed with coldness:

“this one?”

When the voice fell, his palm was facing the dining table, and he snapped!

Suddenly, the dining table shook, and a knife on it flew up.

But Shaun’s palm came out instantly, and he grabbed the knife in his hand, and then, like lightning, slashed at the attacking figures!


Shaun’s technique is almost at its extreme.

When his palm stopped, an unbelievable scene appeared for everyone.


From Shaun’s flying knife to the hand, he flicked past.

Only in a flash.

Then, all the hideous and ferocious faces of those sturdy men who rushed up were frozen.

Under their incredible eyes.

One after another, the sound of the machete falling to the ground continued.

These big guys found that the palms they raised had lost their power in an instant, and the machete in their hands had fallen feebly.

Not only that!


A stream of blood-spattered from their wrists!


This scene was weird and frightening, and the big guys rushing towards Shaun are all in pain.


When they reacted, they only felt a sharp pain. They covered the wound on their wrist, screamed with pain!


This scene stunned the black bear, Zheng Xiong, and all the surrounding customers.


Almost everyone couldn’t believe their eyes. They only saw the knife in Shaun’s hand pass by, but they didn’t even see how he picked off the wrists of these big men.

This is like a fantasy.

“Damn it! Go back, get an idea!”

A man behind screamed in horror, and immediately wanted to retreat in a hurry.

Not only him, but the rest of the guys also reacted one by one, feeling cold all over, and they wanted to retreat behind.


There was a bloodthirsty curve in the corner of Shaun’s mouth:

“How can you retreat before you cut it?”

“Now, let me teach you how to play with a knife!”

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