Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 331

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Chapter 331


This sound made the black bear and others stunned for a moment, but they still didn’t understand what happened on the other side.

When they heard Lord Tiger, his voice trembling and he asked:

“What is that person’s name?”


In Tiger’s voice, he still couldn’t believe the name he heard.

And Zheng Xiong got confused for a moment and didn’t understand how Lord Tiger could react like this, so he didn’t dare to reply quickly:

“Master Hui, this guy’s name is Shaun, he’s a waste person!”


At this moment, after Zheng Xiong’s words were finished, the other end of the phone fell completely into silence.

There is no echo, no sound.

This left the black bear and everyone else at a loss.

After a moment.

Master Tiger seemed to take a deep breath, and then asked with a slightly trembling his tone:

“What happened? Why would Lin Xian hurt the black bear and his brother?”

Master Tiger seemed to be anxious to know that everything that happened here was normal.

And Zheng Xiong didn’t think much, and said now:

“Master Tiger, don’t you know, this kid is too special, he has caused my brother to lose his face!”

“And h has broken one of the most valuable wine glasses in my shop. I asked him to pay for it but he refused. So I called Master Xiong! But I didn’t expect that this brat boy would beat Master Xiong. Also, he has beaten his teammates! This guy is damned!”

At this moment, Zheng Xiong almost described Shaun as a heinous bastard.

But Lord Tiger didn’t care about these, instead, he asked curiously:

“Broken the glass? How much you asked him to pay?”

“Hey… Lord Tiger, a wine glass is a trivial matter. The main thing is that he has made my buddy lose his face! So, I want him to pay five million!” Zheng Xiong is proud, still showing off his loyalty.

But he didn’t hear that Tiger’s tone is different.

“Five million… well, not much!”

“Okay! Wait for me now, I’ll bring someone there right away!”

After Tiger finished speaking at the other end before he hangs up, he shouted to his brother:

“Take everyone and follow me to Phil’s Restaurant! By the way, call an excavator!”


The black bear and others on this end of the phone were shocked.

They don’t understand why Tiger Lord is bringing an excavator.

However, before waiting for the black bear to question, Lord Tiger hung up the phone.

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