Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 366

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Chapter 366

Grace was dazed…

Why does Irene resist Jacob so much?

If the accidental death of Irene was attributed to Jacob, it seemed unfair to Jacob.

“You calm down. Those who make big things don’t stick to the trivial.” Grace appeased Zhengzheng.

The strict face is not very pretty, “Lin Zheng, you don’t know about the holidays of the Zhanyan family…”

Grace whispered, “I probably know.”

Staring at her strictly, her voice suddenly increased, “No, you don’t know.”

Grace watched the sudden sullen strictness, and saw that her father, who had always been gentle and elegant, was stained with blood in his sullen pupils, and Grace fell silent.

Is there something she doesn’t understand?

“Please also Mr. Yan to point it out.” Grace’s voice trembled slightly.

Strictly heartbroken, “My little girl, Irene’s death is inseparable from him.”

Grace was startled slightly, and said, “Miss Yan is infatuated with fighting, and driving exhausted in order to see the war, leading to a car accident. This is an accident. I hope Mr. Yan will not anger the death of Miss Yan to the Zhan family and reject the best ally. Cooperation……”

What she said was based on a hot search report after Irene’s death.

Irene suddenly went crazy, “My sister’s death was not an accident. It was his deliberate arrangement…”

Grace was so shocked that the whole person seemed to be filled with lead, so heavy that she plunged into the bottomless abyss.

“Irene, you can eat rice but you can’t talk nonsense.” Grace muttered in disbelief.

Irene was justified and well-founded. “My sister didn’t want to go to the imperial capital on a whim that day. It was a trap he set up to lure my sister to the imperial capital.

Grace only felt that her head was in a mess.

The car accident seven years ago…

She seemed to have rushed to the imperial capital after receiving a certain message.

Is that text message really a reminder he deliberately gave her?

No, he wouldn’t do this to her.

When Grace wanted to hear more, Irene suddenly smiled bitterly, “Forget it, what do I do with you as an outsider? Anyway, my sister is stupid and falls in love with such a terrible man.”

The more unclear he was, the more uncomfortable Grace felt.

“I want to hear…” Grace looked at Irene almost pleadingly.

Irene was slightly stunned, and cast his gaze to his father aside.

At this moment, he is very curious about Grace’s identity.

Strictly watching the ever-changing tremor in Grace’s eyes, he sighed slightly. Waved to Irene, “Zhengzheng, you go back first. I have a business meeting with Miss Rose.”

Irene turned his head three times, reluctantly leaving.

For some reason, this Miss Rose felt so familiar to him?

After Zhengzheng left, he strictly and solemnly examined Grace, “Lin Zheng, you can tell me now. Is your true identity?”

Grace caught the ups and downs, walked into the bathroom, and soon came out with clear broth and noodles.

Strictly seeing Grace’s plain face, he stood up in shock.


Grace didn’t answer him, but walked up to him, knelt down with a plop, and shouted hoarsely, “Dad.”

Strictly trembled…

“You confused me. You are Lin Zheng, Rose, and Grace, but you call me Dad?”

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