Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 349

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Chapter 349

“Cousin!” Although Elvira was extremely disliked by this person, he bit his head and said hello.

And at the moment!

Shen Jie’s eyes turned to Shaun, his eyes suddenly cold:

“You’re the rubbish Shaun? You tortured my Shen family and took the Fei family’s superorder!”


Hearing these words, Shaun narrowed his eyes slightly, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“I’m Shaun, hello, trash!”


As soon as this remark came out, Shen Jie and his girlfriend suddenly changed their faces.

No need to think about it, Shaun returned the word “waste” intact.

“I didn’t expect you to be very clever! It’s a pity that you are just a wasteful person!”

Shen Jie snorted coldly, then looked at Elvira and Shaun’s clothes, and laughed sarcastically:

“Elvira, I know you are a fan of Kelly. Unfortunately, this time tickets too expensive to buy. Are you here to enjoy the concert from distance? Haha…”

Even if Shen Jie saw Elvira and others here, he didn’t think they were here for the concert.

after all!

This time, the tickets were robbed by Kelly’s fans in Asia.

Not to mention Elvira.

Even Shen Jie, he bought two scattered tickets through the Shen family’s connections, and that’s it.

Shaun and others, there are four people in total, and four scattered tickets are needed. How could it be possible?

Shen Jie took his girlfriend and walked towards the entrance of the concert:

“Elvira, please enjoy only seeing the poster from a distance! Hahaha, we are going in, if you want tickets in the future, my cousin will arrange for you! Hahaha…”

Shen Jie and his girlfriend laughed loudly and walked into the stadium leisurely.

Hearing this, everyone including Shaun and Elvira, Zhang Boyu, and his sister their complexions became extremely strange.

However, the four of them didn’t care too much, shook their heads, and walked towards the platform as well.

at the same time!

Scattered ticket area in the stadium.

Shen Jie and his girlfriend kept talking and laughing.

“My dear, are you sure your cousins, didn’t they come to the concert?” girlfriend Zhou Xiao asked Shen Jie at this moment.

Hearing this, Shen Jie’s face instantly showed a deep contempt:

“Don’t think too much about them. As far as I know, Elvira has been soaking in the company every day and has no time to find someone to buy the tickets.”

“And Shaun is just a waste, his work is just washing and cooking every day! How could these kinds of people come to the concert!”

Shen Jie’s gaze couldn’t help looking into the stadium.

The stadium has been divided into three areas.

Scattered ticket area, VIP area, and super VIP area.

The scattered ticket area is where Shen Jie and his girlfriend are going. This area is crowded, and there is no place to sit.

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