Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 359

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Chapter 359

Fan God!

After seeing this figure, everyone did not feel the slightest sense of strangeness. They seemed to have known this person for a long time.

And when he appeared in front of them for the first time, tens of thousands of fans fell into a state of madness.

Countless people, at this moment, felt their blood is completely burning.

One by one, they waved their arms in unison, shouting and roaring again:

“Fan God!”

“Fan God!”


Uniform voices and loud shouts echoed throughout the stadium.

Just like the stage at this moment, it belongs entirely to the mysterious man in black-the god!

After seeing the real god all their bodies trembled so hard that they could believe their eyes.

Elvira, Boyu, Caier, Shen Jie, and his girlfriend are in awe.

“This is Fan God, why is he looks like Shaun?”

They are in the illusion of trance-like a dream.

Fan Shen has worn a half-face mask.

But the half of the exposed face and eyes resemble Shaun so much that it even gave everyone an illusion that this person is Shaun.

“No… definitely not! Maybe Fanshen and Shaun are alike!”

Whether it was Elvira, Zhang Boyu, and his sister, or Shen Jie and his girlfriend, they shook their heads.

Throw out this extremely absurd idea from their mind.

after all!

This is the super idol they have been chasing for three years and is regarded as a mysterious existence by countless music tycoons around the world.

And what about Shaun?

He is just a waste, nothing more.

Just when Elvira and others were in a trance.

Da da da!

Kelly was crying with joy. She covered her small mouth, forcibly suppressing the excitement and joy in her heart, letting the longing tears come down from her eyes.

Like a cheerful lark, she rushed towards Shaun.

Then, she rushed into Shaun’s arms fiercely.


Embrace the idol!

This scene made the atmosphere of the whole concert more lit.

Every fan embraced and wept with the same excitement.

They had waited for this scene for three years long.

It’s just that no one knows.

When Kelly plunged into Shaun’s suspicion, sniffing the strong masculine aura of Shaun, her pretty face flushed, almost dripping water.

She quietly approached Shaun’s ear, whispering:

“Thank you, my savior-Shaun!”

This sentence made Shaun’s body tremble slightly.

A wry smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

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