Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 381

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Chapter 381

“Mr. Lin, we have already investigated! The owner of the wolf hall is Iron-faced Gray Wolf, who is currently the super king of Jiangshi underground boxing!”

“It is rumored that he has won 20 matches straight! No lost a single one. In the history of Jiangshi underground boxing, he is second only to Jiangshi Black Tiger to have this title!”

Iron Face Wolf!

After hearing his name, Shaun swiped his eyes staring straight at the fat man, a horrible arc appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“You… what do you want?”

The fat man panicked.

For some reason, he sensed Shaun’s eyes, and that made almost scared him to pee.

Like a beast!

This look is simply terrifying!

Shaun hung up the phone handed the phone to Paula, and then slowly walked towards the fat man:

“You just said that the Iron-faced Gray Wolf is your brother?”

Shaun’s voice was extremely gentle.

While talking, he helped the fat man to tidy up the collar of his clothes!

A gentle voice, heart-warming action!

This action made the fat man relaxed completely.

He immediately thought that it was his brother’s name, which frightened Shaun, and Shaun wanted to reconcile with him and apologize.


It’s not just the fat guy who thought that, even Wen Qian, Paula, and all the passersby around him thought that too.

after all!

People living in the slums of the city know that the iron-faced gray wolf is an existence that no one can dare to irritate.

Except for Daoye and Hei!

The strongest force in Jiang City belongs to the Iron-faced Gray Wolf.

“Yes! The Iron-faced Gray Wolf is my eldest brother!”

At this moment, the fat man raised his toes and said to Shaun with pride:


“Boy, are you scared? I tell you, if you don’t want my eldest brother to beat you, then you have to kneel and knock your head ten times, I will ask him to do nothing”

The fat man was full of contentment.

Wen Qian next to him, a thick sarcasm appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Shaun didn’t say a word.

He grabbed the fat man’s head and pressed it down with his knees violently!


Shaun’s knees and Fatty’s head instantly had intimate contact.

A trace of scarlet blood splashed from the fat man’s head.


The fat man screamed in pain.

However, just when he wanted to struggle, he only felt that Shaun’s big hand was iron tongs. No matter how indecently he struggled, he still couldn’t get free!

Shaun again did the same trick!

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