Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 382

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Chapter 382


Second time!


Third time!

At this moment, the smiles on the faces of Wen Qian and other people around her completely froze.

Wen Qian couldn’t believe her eyes. After they exploded the name of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, Shaun dared to beat the brother of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf.

Especially the shot is so cruel!

Everyone saw that the fat man’s head was totally bloody.

He was totally stunned by this action of Shaun.

Then he went dizzy and fainted completely.

Seeing his situation, the people around him were terrified.

In the end!

Shaun threw the fat man like a dead dog to the ground!


His body of two hundred pounds, like a pile of rotten meat, blew the dust from the ground.


At this moment, all the surrounding sounds disappeared.

Whether it is Wen Qian or every passerby around, they just feel their heart beating wildly.

Looking at the fat man who was fainted and covered with blood.

Turned his head to look again Shaun, who was thin and gentle, seemed to be dreaming, feeling extremely unreal.

What a ruthless technique!

Very cruel!

Everyone found that Shaun’s expression was totally calm from beginning to end.

It seems Shuan wants to beat the fat man to death, just like trampling an ant to death.

“Why is this guy so cruel!”

Wen Qian was completely confused!

This was the first time she saw Shaun fighting.

In her eyes, Shaun was just a coward who couldn’t fight back.

However, she couldn’t even imagine that this trash would become terrible and cruel.

It’s more than that!

Shaun’s eyes turned, he stared at Wen Qian.

Wen Qian felt a shiver all over her body, and she almost fell to the ground as if she had been drained of all strength.

And at this moment!

Shaun’s cold voice sounded again:

“Take me to the wolf hall, and shoo me the iron-faced gray wolf!”

I want to see the Iron-faced Gray Wolf!

After hearing these words from Shaun.

Paula, the little beggar girl, and even the sturdy men and others around could not believe their ears.

After all, Shaun had just beaten the fat man to death. If the Iron-faced Gray Wolf knew he would definitely get revenge.

But at this time, Shaun himself wants to meet him, isn’t he looking for his death?


The Wolf Hall is the base camp of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, and for sure there are no less than a hundred black boxers inside.

For anyone going there alone is like entering into the cage of lions.

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