Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 396

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Chapter 396


At this moment, the atmosphere in the entire wolf hall is depressed and dull.

Every black boxer’s heart is beating wildly.

They thought Shaun is a Beast.



One by one, the black boxers looked at the miserable condition of Ba Ye, and a cold sweat started to flow on their foreheads.

Some of them even not dared to look at Shaun’s face.

“Lord Wolf, don’t be scared by this kid! This guy is just bluffing!”

At this moment, an angry scolding resounded.

It was Wen Qian.

Her pretty face was full of resentment towards Shaun, she said:

“I have known this guy for three years. He has never done anything in his life, he is just a coward!”

“I can be sure that Ba Ye was injured before. This is definitely an accident. Ba Ye must have been accidentally broken his arm, giving this guy a chance!”

“Everyone must not be fooled by him!”

Wen Qian’s voice made the iron-faced wolf and all the black boxers around her eyes shine.

That’s right!

Before, Ba Ye hit Shaun’s head with a single punch. Normally, even if this kid nodded his head at the time, it was absolutely impossible to break Ba Ye’s arm.

After all, just relying on the force of the counter-shock to break a person’s arm is like a dream.

Shaun took advantage of Ba Ye’s broken arm.

Otherwise, with Ba Ye’s strength, how could it be so easy to beat him.

Thinking of this!

Whether it was the iron-faced wolf or all the black boxers around, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“Fourth, sixth, seventh, tenth! You all go together!”


Four, six, seven, ten!

Hearing these four names, all the black boxers there breathed a sigh of relief.

They know it.

Whether it is the Fourth Master, the Sixth Master, the Seventh Master, and the Ten Masters, they are among the top ten fighters in the wolf hall.

Pick a person randomly from them, no one is inferior!

And now, the four besieging Shaun, this is definitely a win!

Huh huh!


As soon as the words of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf fell, four fierce figures rushed to the ring-like lightning.
Four strong men.

All of them were naked, and everyone can see their muscles similar to a horned dragon, coiled around their whole body, like four hungry wolves, giving people a boundless and powerful ferocity.

After entering the ring, the four boxers stared at Shaun.

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