Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 417

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Chapter 417


As soon as these words came out, Elvira and Shaun’s expressions changed instantly.

They didn’t expect Qi Siyuan to be so blunt and overbearing that he wanted to spend five hundred million in exchange for Elvira for one night.

Especially, he said this in front of Shaun, it is simply trampling on Shaun’s dignity.

Not only them!

Even Shen Jie didn’t even think that Qi Siyuan would say such a thing.


Qi Siyuan didn’t care about the anger of Elvira and others at all. Instead, he looked like he was determined to get this deal, and said directly:

“Elvira, before I came, I heard that you are the No. 1 Beauty president of Jiang City. Now when I saw you, I can agree to that!”

“As long as you promise me to stay with me for one night, I can give you five hundred million!”

Qi Siyuan glanced up and down at Elvira’s figure, then said evilly:

“Although you are the president of the Bai Group, you don’t have many shares at all! Even if you are the president for a lifetime, you can’t make 500 million!”

“And now, the opportunity is right in front of you, presumably, your husband won’t refuse, right?”

After speaking, Qi Siyuan looked at Shaun, his smile getting stronger.

Hit people with money!

This is what Qi Siyuan likes most and what he is best at doing.

Before that!

He has spent lots of money on couples to let their wives sleep with him.

Even many times, husbands persuaded their wives to sleep with this guy for a huge amount of money despite their unwillingness.

And now!

Five hundred million!

He believed that this huge sum of money could also be smashed on Shaun’s face and let Elvira sleep with him.


When Qi Siyuan looked at Shaun, Shaun was also looking at him.

In particular, Shaun didn’t seem to be ashamed, but said with a smile:

“Sure enough, Shao Qi made a big deal, and once he made a move, it was five hundred million!”

Shaun said without the slightest anger.

When Qi Siyuanheard this, he immediately thought that Shaun’s heart was moved, and next, this guy would definitely persuade Elvira to stay with him for one night and get a huge amount of money.

Not only him!

Seeing that Shaun didn’t even feel irritated at all, after Qi Siyuan’s huge offer.

Elvira and Shen Jie next shook their heads.

They both were extremely disappointed with Shaun.

But it’s more than that!

Shaun continued to look at Qi Siyuan and said with a smile:

“Since Qi Shao has offered two deals, then I think I should also give him a gift!”


As soon as Shaun’s words came out, Elvira and Shen Jie’s expressions got ugly.

That person wants to sleep with his wife.

And he wants to give gifts to him!

Is he an idiot?

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