Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 429

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Chapter 429

And aside.

King Kong, Hu Ye, Dao Ye, and others also looked extremely solemn.

They are powerful, but ask themselves, even if they practice for another ten or twenty years, it is impossible to achieve this.

It’s more than that!

Among the people in Jiang City, at this moment there were even some underground members who had already picked up their mobile phones and started to make public this weird scene on the live broadcast platform.

And when the live footage shot was released on Jiangshi’s forum and website!


The countless audiences in Jiangshi were completely shaken.

With this live broadcast outside, it almost exploded. Countless Jiangshi audiences poured into the live broadcast room as if they saw the grape seeds on the wall and the thunderstorm hands that were sieved. Believe in your own eyes.

at the same time!

Within the Bai Group, Elvira had just finished a bunch of work in the office.


Opening the door of the office, Elvira wanted to go out and inspect.

However, when she just walked out of the room, she saw outside, her secretary Xiaoyun was besieged with a group of workers, chatting and talking excitedly.


This scene made Elvira frowned.

But she knows that her secretary is an extremely dedicated and hardworking person. She has never seen the appearance of gathering together with employees and talking in full swing.

And now…

“Xiaoyun, what happened?”

At the moment, Elvira just frowned and walked in the direction of everyone.

Seeing Elvira, Xiaoyun and all the employees got startled, and then hurriedly returned to their seats one by one, looking extremely nervous.

The secretary Xiaoyun said even more tremblingly:

“President, I’m sorry. I was watching a boxing match with my colleagues just now! It’s our Jiangshi against Yunhai!”

“I was attracted by an accident, please don’t blame me!”

Xiaoyun’s face was filled with regret and anxiety.

Elvira was slightly taken aback when she heard this.


She didn’t expect that Xiaoyun, a girl who was still interested in boxing matches, immediately went to the front and looked at the phone on the table:

“What kind of boxing match is this? Which has made you so fascinated!”

Elvira looked at the picture in the video curiously but was stunned to find that this video was taken with a mobile phone.

Not only is the picture shaking and dizzying, but even the picture quality is also extremely poor.

Hearing this!

Xiaoyun explained:

“Mr. Bai, don’t you know! In the past few days, there has been an uproar in our Jiangshi. The number one master of Yunhai City, King Kong, who is known as the number one black boxer in Jiangnan, came to Jiang with his four major disciples. City Challenge!”

“It is said that it was because his fifth disciple, the iron-faced gray wolf in the Jiangshi Wolf Hall has been beaten by someone and he is here to take revenge!”

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