Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 436

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Chapter 436


At this moment, after hearing that Lord Tiger had actually listened to the absurd words of the mysterious spectator, all the people in Jiang City and everyone in Yunhai City couldn’t believe their ears.


This is absolutely crazy.

Looking for a guy in his twenties who has only agility, but no strength and skill, to challenge King Kong?

Isn’t this a free hit?

Everyone looked at Heihu as if they were looking at an idiot.

It’s just more than that!


When the young man named “Monkey” heard this, he didn’t even flinch. On the contrary, he was full of ecstasy, as if he had taken a great deed, and went straight to the high platform.

At this moment, except for Heihu and Daoye, everyone else was amazed.

what the hell?

To fight against King Kong, only one hairy boy was sent out.

This is absolutely crazy.

Especially King Kong on the high platform.

He watched the monkey running up the high platform and standing opposite him, and King Kong’s entire face was green.



He is the number one master of Yunhai City, the king of black fists in the entire Jiangnan City, and has swept a dozen other cities.

And now, the mysterious spectator and Lord Tiger sent out a little rookie to deal with him. This is absolutely the greatest contempt and humiliation to him.

“Okay! Your humiliation, I have taken note of King Kong!”

“Don’t worry, I will greet your subordinate! Skin him cramps and let him break into pieces!”

The voice was full of brutality and cruelty, and the people in Xionjing City instantly numbed their scalps.

Every one of them can hear King Kong’s strong hatred and murderous intent.

More than the people present there, even in the Bai’s group, Elvira and others can feel through the screen, as if there is cold air, escaping from the King Kong in the video, making each of them shiver involuntarily.

“Broken! I feel that the mysterious spectator is too big! The young man named monkey is afraid that he will be killed!”

“Yes! How fierce King Kong can be compared to a hairy boy!”

“I don’t understand, Lord Tiger also heard the mystery man’s nonsense, and he actually sent his little brother out to die!”


Numerous employees gathered around and pointed at the video.

Almost everyone seemed to see the sad end of the monkey.

Even Elvira shook her head and sighed long, silent in her heart for the young man named Monkey.


And just when everyone was unbelievable!

King Kong suddenly roared and slammed the soles of his feet against the ground.


The high platform trembled and King Kong’s body like an iron tower bounced from the ground.

It was like a giant Titan, with a sweeping momentum, punched the monkey and slammed him.

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