Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 451

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Chapter 451

Shaun didn’t have time to stay, so he had to go back to prepare dinner for the family.

With a wave of his hand, he carried the basket and walked towards the door.

As Shaun left the theater, everyone here breathed a sigh of relief.

too frightening!

Whether they are the bigwigs in Jiang City or everyone in Yunhai City, their complexions are extremely complicated.

After all, what has happened today has shocked them to the extreme, they will never forget this for a lifetime!


Qi Siyuan, who was hiding in the corner of the theater, looked at Shaun’s back at this moment, and his expression was extremely complicated.

“Don’t mess with him!”

Qi Siyuan felt extremely grateful. After all, he was only slapped twice by Shaun, but he didn’t have any feuds.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help turning his head to look at Duan Chun.

Duan Chun is the eldest young master of the Jiangnan Red Maple Group because he has provoked Shaun, so the Red Maple Group collapsed in a mere breath.

This also made Qi Siyuan’s heart not mess with Shaun at any cost.

In the Bai Group!

Looking at the departure of Lin, Elvira’s pretty face appeared even more incredible:

“Is it Shaun? Why it seems like he is Shaun?”

Thinking of this!

Elvira said to Xiaoyun:

“Xiaoyun, you look after the work, I am going home now!”

After that, Elvira did not give everyone extra time to say something and quickly left under everyone’s stunned eyes.

She wants to go home to make sure that the mysterious Master Lin is Shaun or not?

At the same time!

Shaun didn’t pay much attention to what happened in the theater.

At this moment, he took the vegetable basket and headed towards the Liyuan Garden slowly riding the electric car.


When he passed an alleyway, he suddenly braked and stopped the electric car.

Shaun couldn’t help but look towards the alley.

Suddenly saw that an old woman in tattered clothes was carrying a little beggar, picking up rotten vegetable leaves by the roadside.


Shaun frowned. This little beggar, he knew, was the little girl he saved at the slums a few days ago.

“Big brother……”

At this moment, the little beggar also saw Shaun, she was taken aback, and then ran over with surprise on her face.

Since the last time in the wolf hall, even it was only a few days, the little beggar didn’t forget Shaun’s face.

That kind of arrogance!

That kind of domineering!

The powerful momentum of beating one after another allowed the little beggar to treat Shaun as a hero.

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