Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 452

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Chapter 452

This is more than that.

The little beggar seemed to have thought of something. She hurriedly went back to help the old woman to bring towards Shaun. She said to the old woman in surprise:

“Grandmother, this is the big brother I told you about!”

“Last time, he saved me!”

This old woman was skinny.

The clothes on her body were in tatters, especially with a stick in her hand, constantly pointed on the road, she was a blind woman.

At this moment, after hearing the words of the little beggar, the blind woman’s wrinkled old face suddenly showed a strong surprise and gratitude, and said to Shaun:

“Sir! So you are Xun’er’s benefactor!”

“Thank you for saving my granddaughter! Thank you so much!”

The blind woman was grateful.

Especially when she said, she was going to kneel to Shaun.

Seeing this scene, Shaun got shocked.

He quickly helped the blind woman up, and then said:

“Mother, you are welcome! Xun’er is very well-behaved. It was right to save her!”

As Shaun said, he took a deep look at the pile of rotten vegetable leaves in the hands of the little beggar Xun’er.

Looking at the little beggar’s withered hair and malnourished body, he couldn’t help but feel sour and asked:

“The last time you were in the slums, you were picking vegetable leaves there too?”

“Yes, I was!”

Xiao Xun’er was a little embarrassed, lowered her head, and said:

“My grandmother has bad eyes and a weak body. I can only find something to eat and help her make some porridge!”

This sentence made Shaun’s heart sourer.

At the moment, he put the vegetable basket on the ground, and with a move of his invisible finger, he stuffed a wad of banknotes into the vegetable basket:

“Take these vegetables! Take care of your grandmother!”


Upon hearing this, Xiao Xun’er and her grandmother got amazed.

However, before they refused, Shaun has ridden away.

“Big brother…”

At this moment, looking at the back of Shaun’s departure, Xun’er’s eyes instantly turned wet.

We are grateful, thank you!

Do not know why.

She felt as if from the moment she was saved by Shaun, she looked at Shaun like a god.

Li Yuan Palace!

When Elvira parked the Mercedes Benz at the door of her house, she was still wondering.

“Will it be Shaun?”


Elvira was entangled to the extreme at this moment, even if she didn’t believe it 10,000, but she saw the figure in the video, which looked so similar to Shaun.

The sound was similar.

Especially, the last name was Lin too!

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