Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 472

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Chapter 472

If Shaun is the real owner of the Devil Machine.

Then Zhang Tianli can be sure that the person who called was definitely Cather Rowling, the business queen.


What made Zhang Tianli more frightened!

The ‘king’ called by Cather Rowling!

By the King she definitely meant Shaun!


Thinking of this, Zhang Tianli only felt that his scalp is about burst. He looked at Shaun as if he was looking at a devil, full of horror and fear.


At this moment, a burst of laughter resounded again.

It was Chu Yu.

He leaned forward and closed with a smile, and said to everyone:

“You people heard it? It was a fake call!”

Fake call?

Elvira and others got slightly upset to hear this.

And Chu Yu continued to explain:

“Isn’t it easy? She said she is Aunt Rowling. The first person who comes to mind is Kathr Rowling! But everyone knows that Kathr Rowling is a foreigner, and the who just called had a standard Chinese accent!”

That’s right!

The Elvira family thought for a while, and it was indeed the case.

After all, almost everyone who has heard the name Aunt Rowling in business naturally thinks of Cather Rowling!

And Cather Rowling is a foreigner, how she can be this fluent in the Chinese language!

It’s more than that!

Chu Yu continued to explain it for everyone:

“The second point is that the other party’s name is Wang! That is, the person that the woman is looking for is Wang! Not Shaun!”

This sentence made Elvira’s illusion disappear instantly.

She originally thought!

Shaun has connections with other women for sure.

But she didn’t see it.

After hearing Chu Yu’s serious nonsense, Shaun nodded in satisfaction.

He didn’t know how to explain it.

But now Chu Yu’s nonsense has solved his embarrassing situation.

In an instant, Shaun looked at Chu Yu’s gaze, and it was so pleasing to his eye.

“Shaun! What kind of broken phone is this!” Paula, who was next to him asked:

“You are only in your early twenties. Even if you want to buy a mobile phone, you have to buy a better mobile phone! With this old version of Nokia, everyone will surely laugh at you when you bring out the phone from your pocket.”

Paula stepped forward and stuffed her X11 into Shaun’s hands.

Then, she grabbed the Devil Machine:

“Okay! From today on use my phone and will use your old devil machine!”

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