Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 473

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Chapter 473


After hearing this, Shaun and Zhang Tianli got shocked.

They didn’t expect that Paula would give her brand new X11 to Shaun and she will take that old version of Nokia for herself.

It’s just that this is a devil’s machine!

A super fetish that can make a sensation in the global mobile phone industry.

And now?

Paula held that old machine in her hand casually, even she started to use it as like a brick. Seeing this Shaun and Zhang Tianli looked nervous.


“What happened brat? What happened if I used your old Nokia like this?”

After seeing Shaun’s ugly look, Paula frowned and shouted:

“Don’t say I can’t use it like this, I just dropped this rubbish phone, what if I broke it!”

“Isn’t this just a broken piece of three hundred yuan?

Paula’s words made Zhang Tianli beside her almost vomit blood.

Three hundred bucks?

When Zhang Tianli heard this, the corners of his mouth trembled. He couldn’t imagine what kind of person she was to regard the Devil Machine as an old Nokia.

If this news spreads to the mobile phone industry, the entire industry will turn upside down.

This is more than that.

What made Zhang Tianli even more unbelievable was that Shaun next to him had no response, and there was no sign of stopping her.

It seemed that in Shaun’s eyes, even if this piece of Devil Machine was thrown by Paula, it didn’t matter.

“Huh? Don’t tell me, this phone is quite worthy?”

Just when Zhang Tianli couldn’t believe it, Paula’s doubtful words came over.


While she was talking, she put the devil machine in her hand and turned it upside down.

Every time the devil machine jumped from Paula’s hands, it made Zhang Tianli’s heart beat wildly.

He was afraid that this woman would really throw it away.

“I’m afraid this phone will weigh three or four catties!”

Paula couldn’t believe it.

This mobile phone is so heavy.

Bai Shan and Elvira got shocked when they heard this.

“Give it to me, I’m not sure!”

As Baishan spoke, he took the old Nokia from Paula.

In particular, after turning his palm upside down, he found that it really weighed at least three or four catties, as Paula said.

“Really! I think this shell is not plastic, but iron?”

Bai Shan frowned and knocked on the back shell of the Devil Machine.

There was a clinking sound suddenly.

“Huh? It’s really iron?”

Bai Shan suddenly exclaimed.

Hearing this!

Zhang Tianli became angry.

Oh God, is this iron, you woolen thread!

This is tungsten steel gold!

One gram of it worths hundreds of thousands.

And now, they regard it as a scrap metal thing. If the world’s top ten mobile phone manufacturers came to know about this, they will cry to death for sure.

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