Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 490

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Chapter 490

“Shaun, I’m fine!”

When Paula saw Shaun’s arrival, a deep apology and guilt suddenly appeared on her face:

“Shaun, I’m sorry, your cell phone was very valuable! Now I lost it, what can I do?”

Paula apologized to the extreme.

When he heard this, Shaun shook his head and comforted:

“Mom! That piece of mobile phone is nothing!”

As he said, Shaun looked at the bright red palm print on Paula’s face, and a hint of chill flashed from his eyes:

“Where are those who beat you? Where did they go?”


The fat boss and others, when first heard Shaun said that he didn’t care about the phone, they thought this child was facial.

When Shaun asked where they are gone who hit Paula, all the good impressions instantly disappeared.

“Shaun, you listen to me, let’s forget about that phone, okay?”

Paula looked at Shaun with a worried expression, even her eyes were filled with pleading:

“It’s my fault that you lost such a valuable thing, but the person who snatched the phone was the Jiangnan princeling! Those people, all of them are powerful, let alone me if it was someone else they couldn’t offend them at all!”

“I don’t want you to retaliate, just forget about it, right?”

Paula also thought that Shaun couldn’t forget about that mobile phone.

She pleaded with all her face from fear that Shaun would be impulsive and annoy Tian Hao’s group and bring disaster in the end.

And hearing Paula’s persuasion.

The fat boss and others next to her also said one after another:

“Young man, I advise you not to be arrogant. They are very powerful people. You can’t fight against them.

“Yeah! For a mobile phone, you will lose your life, and it will be too late for you to regret it!”

“Hey… They are the Jiangnan princelings, you are an ordinary person, how can you fight against them?”



In the eyes of the fat boss and others, Shaun is just an ordinary person, Tian Hao, and his fallows will surely crush him into pieces.

Thinking of retaliation is like looking for death!

However, Shaun didn’t seem to hear the words of the people around him at all, he gently said to Paula:

“Mom! That cell phone is really not important to me!”

“But you are my mother! I swear that no one can dare to touch my family! Whether it is Tian Hao or Tian Group! Even all the powerful families in Jiangnan Province together!”

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