Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 523

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Chapter 523

That’s it!

Tian Hao didn’t care much, lying on the driver’s seat, facing the devil machine in his hand, he kept fumbling and playing:

“Devil Machine, Devil Machine! Soon, your master who is not qualified to own you will be on the road! Let’s see him die together!”

The smile at the corner of Tian Hao’s mouth got extremely gloomy.

At the same time!

In front of the screen at the foot of the mountain.

When everyone saw that Lamborghini hit the mountainside and got scrapped, the faces of the supercar members became instantly pale.

“Lost, this time the devil machine is gone, and Shaun is going to break our legs!”

The supercar members are as ugly as dead gray.

They couldn’t believe that Qiu Jie, the car king, really lost.

The sports car was smashed, and even if it could drive, it completely lost its ability to race.

Thinking of the gambling agreement with Shaun, every supercar member felt a furry in his heart.

And seeing this scene!

Lin Guangyao said to everyone:

“Don’t worry everyone, I guess that kid can’t come down the mountain alive!”


Those supercar members were taken aback for a moment, and they had not yet waited for their inquiry.

Lin Guangyao’s gaze was still on screen, and a touch of gloom and playfulness appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“Don’t you see it? Brother Hao, who ran in front, took a call and drove the sports car into the blind spot of the camera!”


That’s right!

The entire Gyro Mountain, almost every intersection and track, is covered by cameras, allowing these racing spectators to control the racing situation at any time.

However, there is only one place with a broken camera.

That is the only blind spot of the entire spinning top track.

“You mean! Brother Hao received a call from Brother Jie, and then deliberately parked the sports car in the blind spot!”

“So… to get rid of that bastard?”

All the disappointment and unwillingness on the faces of all supercar members wiped out, and a strong excitement and shock appeared on everyone’s face.

“Yes! Did you forget? Brother Hehao raced, but the youngest! He once took the first position in the shooting competition in Jiangnan Province! No bullets!”

“Yes! I see that bastard is over, hahaha… Brother Jie’s hatred can also be reported!”


The discussions of many supercar members are full of madness and brutality.

And after hearing this!

Heizi and Huzi’s, the two bodyguards changed their faces.

Because their young lady, Kelly is still in Shaun’s car.

And now!

Tian Hao wants to kill Shaun, doesn’t it mean that their madam’s life is also in danger.

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