Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 524

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Chapter 524

“Damn! We should save our lady!”

The two bodyguards suddenly came to Kelly’s sports car, and then quickly got in the car.


When Kelly’s supercar made a roaring sound, it flew away in the direction of Luoshan Mountain.

This scene shocked Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang:

“Let’s go! Protect Mr. Lin!”

The two got on their own sports car immediately.

Although their sports car has just lost to Qiu Jie and the keys are still in their hands.

Another supercar, with a buzzing sound, rushed towards the Luoshan Mountain.


All the people at the foot of the mountain area are in an uproar!

“Go! Go and see how that kid dies!”

“Hahaha…When these people will arrive, Shaun would have already become dead meat!”


As many supercar members were talking, they got on their own sports cars.

The humming sound resounded, one after another supercar hurried away toward the direction of the top of the mountain.

Shaun and Kelly knew nothing about all this.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the car is extremely charming.

Kelly’s pretty face was blushing, almost bleeding, and in her beautiful eyes, spring was full of charm and temptation.

She was completely lost, and her whole body was like an octopus, lying on Shaun’s body.



When another sharp turn, just ramped past.

The inertial friction brought by Santana made Kelly’s body almost the same as Shaun’s.

Kelly shuddered and almost exhaled.

But at this moment.

Shaun’s eyes were staring at the front, a glimmer of gloomy light flickered.

When he saw that under the dim street light ahead, there was a young man standing in the middle of the road with his palm raised, a black hole muzzle pointed at their car, Shaun’s expression changed:

“Be careful!”

After the words fell, Shaun’s big hand grabbed Kelly’s back, and then pressed her under his crotch.

As for himself, his head tilted slightly to the side.

“Lin… Mr. Lin…”

Kelly’s pretty face almost touched Shaun’s crotch, and her pretty face got full of shyness and consternation.

However, just when her shy words were just uttered.


A gunshot exploded.

Then Kelly heard the sound of bullets shot through the entire window.

Gun… Gunshots?

Kelly got shocked, and her pretty face instantly turned pale.

Only then did she came to know that Shaun has once again saved her life otherwise she would most likely be shot in the head.

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