Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

Seeing Elvira and Lin, all the shouts and noises in the conference room gradually became quiet.

It’s just that those gazes all fell on Shaun’s body, revealing a strong hostility and unkindness.

“Ms. Zheng, what were you talking about?” Elvira’s pretty face was so gloomy, she stared at a middle-aged man and asked.
This middle-aged man with fat head and big ears is the former vice president!

Also Elvira’s assistant!

But in the same way, in the discussion just now, his cursing was the most intense.

“Elvira, what did I say, you should have heard it!” Mr. Zheng was not timid, he stood up, his eyes fell on Shaun, his face showed deep contempt:

“I want to ask from everyone, what is your husband! What qualifications does he has to become the chief technical consultant of our Bai Group? Is he worthy?”


Mr. Zheng spoke tit-for-tat.

In an instant, many senior officials in the clothing department in the conference room drank again and again.

Elvira was promoted to president, and in the eyes of President Zheng, he, the deputy prime minister, should become the chief technical adviser, second only to Elvira!

And the appearance of Shaun shattered all his dreams, so how he didn’t hate it.

Heard this!

Elvira’s pretty face became more and more difficult to look:

“what do you want?”


A thick sarcasm appeared at the corner of Mr. Zheng’s mouth. He glanced at everyone present before saying:

“Huh! Your husband wants to be the technical consultant of the group, you can also!”

“However, he must first invite a big man like Yang Tianrui to take charge of the costume design! Otherwise, he is a sh!t technical consultant! Everyone said, right?”

Invite big guys like Yang Tianrui?

Mr. Zheng said, everyone below responded more and more fiercely.

Everyone looked at Shaun’s gaze, the color of mockery, contempt, and disgust became more intense.

Make things difficult!

Everyone knows clearly that there are only four big men like Yang Tianrui in the whole country, and one is more difficult to get.

To get that kind of person to come, in addition to money, you need unimaginable connections to do it.

Just heard this!

Shaun is happy!

He looked at Mr. Zheng like an idiot:

“If, I invite it!”


There was a slight silence in the conference room, and after reacting, Mr. Zheng and the other senior management burst into laughter.

“Hahaha…Shaun, what are you bragging about! How can someone like Old Yang be known to you?”

You laughed at me! Does he think he is capable?”


Numerous senior executives, laughed at them, and heard them.

And Mr. Zheng looked at Shaun like a lunatic, with a sarcastic smile on his mouth:

“Okay! Shaun, I’m Zheng Xuechang’s words! If you can invite someone at the level of Old Yang, then I will give you Zheng Xuechang’s face, and you can fan it!”

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