Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 55

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Chapter 55

“If you can’t invite him! I’m sorry, you have to crawl out of the Bai Group! How about?”

Mr. Zheng has a good heart!

He naturally didn’t believe that Shaun, a wasteful son-in-law, would know Yang Tianrui’s big-time designer in fashion design.

He waited for Shaun to get the bait, and it was easier to kick him out of the Bai Group!

But what surprised him and everyone!

“it is good!”

Shaun agreed without any hesitation.


Zheng Xuechang and all the high-level officials were all dumbfounded. They never thought that Shaun promised so easily!

But there is more to it!

I saw that Shaun strode to the front of Zheng Xuechang and raised his palm!


The slap in the face resounded loudly, and Zheng Xuechang was slapped at the gold star.

Was… beaten?

Zheng Xuechang was stunned, and everyone else was stunned.

However, there is more to it!

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

Shaun grabbed Zheng Xuechang’s collar with one hand, and slapped him like crazy with the other hand!

One loud slap after another slapped Zheng Xuechang’s face fiercely.

“Someone is looking for a girl! Someone is looking for a handsome guy!”

“Why are you so cheap?

Shaun’s voice was cold.

And every time he slapped Zheng Xuechang, he was dizzy. He wanted to struggle, but found that he was in Shaun’s hands, like a little chicken, unable to break free at all.

“Shaun, stop! Why are you hitting me?”

“You haven’t found a designer at the level of Old Yang! You bastard…”

Zheng Xuechang completely collapsed!

Weeping and questioning.

And hearing this, Shaun stopped what he was doing.

“is it?”

While speaking, Shaun curled his mouth and shouted coldly outside the door:

“come in!”


Zheng Xuechang and all the high-level staff were taken aback for a moment, and then involuntarily looked towards the door of the conference room.

And right in their sight!


The door of the conference room was pushed open again, and then only an old man with gray hair and a group of elites in suits and leather shoes walked in.

These people, as soon as they came in, bowed to Shaun:

“Mr. Lin, here we are!”

Mr. Lin, here we are!

When this extremely respectful remark rang in the conference room, both Zheng Xuechang and every high-level clothing department around were stunned.

Especially, when they saw the face of the old man in the lead.


Everyone’s heads felt as though they were struck by lightning, leaving them blank.

Is that… Yang Tianrui?

how is this possible.

Almost everyone can’t believe their eyes.

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