Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 571

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Chapter 571


After hearing this name, the bodies of the ten guards trembled fiercely, and a figure appeared in their minds when the face of that figure and the youth who had just disappeared slowly overlapped.


The faces of the people there changed abruptly:


They almost didn’t hesitate at all, and then they wanted to violently retreat behind.

Just at this moment, a cold wind swept over here instantly.

Accompanied by it was a cold and piercing voice:

“Want to retreat? Late!”

With these words fall.

Puff puff!

But in the midair, they don’t know when a steel wolf claw appeared out of thin air. The structure of this wolf claw is extremely peculiar, with a variety of gloomy runes carved on it.

After the flash, he began to tear off the bodies of these bodyguards.

All of sudden, scarlet blood wafted continuously in the air.

The bodyguards, before they had time to retreat, their necks were severely torn apart by sharp wolf claws.



A group of figures fell to the ground in the blood mist.

Three people!

Five people!

ten people!

As the last bodyguard, with deep fear and confusion, fell to the ground, blood gurgled out from the ten corpses, causing the entire Hilton door to exude blood. This created a terrifying atmosphere.


At this moment, the whole world seemed to fall into dead silence.

Huzi and Heizi, their bodies trembled slightly, looking at the bodies of the guarding brothers, a strong weakness and anger swept through their hearts.

And the other side!

Among the grass, the bloody scene was completely filmed by the young paparazzi.

The young paparazzi was shivering to witness this scene, he was looking at the blood wolf figure in the camera as if he was looking at a butcher, a lunatic.

“How he is this strong?”

The young paparazzi only felt his scalp tingling. If it weren’t for the professionalism of a professional journalist, then he may have run away.

And the other side.



Dense cold sweat rushed down from the forehead of the middle-aged paparazzi next to him, and he was also frightened.

“The twelve Zhang Family bodyguards were wiped out in an instant!”

“Blood Wolf! It turns out that he is the butcher Blood Wolf who is known as the youngest terrible killer in East Asia and ranked in the top ten of East Asia’s killers! How terrible!”

The two paparazzi looked at each other, and they could see the fear in each other’s eyes.

It’s more than that!

Everything that happened at the entrance of the hotel also reaches a room on the 20th floor.


Kelly’s pretty face turned white as paper, there is a trace of fear and sorrow in her eyes.

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