Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 572

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Chapter 572

They were living life.

And now!

All died for her!

This made Kelly hate the blood wolf to the extreme.

Thinking of this, Kelly closed her beautiful eyes, her jade hand grasped the siren, and then pressed hard:

“Mr. Lin, I…need you!”

at the same time!

The moment Kelly pressed the alarm, Shaun was in the Liyuan Mansion, ten miles away.


Shaun’s Devil Machine suddenly emitted a slight electronic sound.


Although the voice was faint, Shaun opened his eyes when it resounded.

He glanced at the faintly flickering Devil Machine, and a hint of cold luster began to flicker in Shaun’s eyes:

“He looked at it finally here?”

There was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

After three years of silence, he has never met a master.

But now, the person who can let Aunt Cather Rowling call the warning in a person naturally aroused Shaun’s keen interest.

At this moment, he slowly got up from the floor and put on his clothes. After seeing Elvira still sleeping sweetly, he gave Elvira a deep k!ss on the forehead and walked out of the room.

Around Elvira’s courtyard.

In every corner, there are figures hidden.

And Harper is constantly patrolling, and constantly reprimanding the bodyguards of the Bai family from time to time:

“Be energetic, watch him closely, if that kid shows up, you must follow him!”

“There is also a monitor which shows him everything through the camera! That bastard, if there is any secret, it must be revealed!”

In the afternoon!

After Mr. Bai confessed, Harper moved quickly.

He quietly installed cameras one after another around the courtyard wall of Elvira’s house.

Not to mention a big living person, even if a fly comes out of it, it can definitely find it.

After scolding the bodyguards.

Harper took a deep look at Elvira’s home, there was a lot of complexity and resentment in his eyes:

“Shaun, are you really have a terrible identity?”

“I don’t believe it! I just believe that you are a waste and a bastard!”

Harper finished bitterly.

But at this moment!


He only felt as if a cold wind came out of Elvira’s house, instantly causing the surrounding air temperature to plummet.

This is more than that.

“Master, look at our camera, why are all spent?”


When he heard a bodyguard’s exclamation, Harper’s expression changed and he ran over.

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