Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 632

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Chapter 632

When Qin Shou was looking for someone to take revenge, he discovered that King Kong and all the underground giants are not available.

It’s just that he didn’t understand what was going on, so who can alarm all the underground giants in Yunhai City?

Hearing this!

A trace of admiration appeared on Li Xiong’s face and he said:

“That’s because my master and all the underground giants had gone to meet their grandmaster!”


This sentence shocked Qin Shou.

He simply couldn’t imagine what kind of existence he will be to whom a person like King Kong went to visit him in person.

But this is more than that.

On Li Xiong’s face, the cult of fanaticism became stronger, as if thinking of his super idol:

“Today, my master was so happy to hear that the grandmaster has arrived in our city! Unfortunately, I don’t have the qualifications to meet him!”

Are you not qualified to meet?

Qin Shou got even more frightened by this sentence.

He knew that Li Xiong was also a big man in the underground world of Yunhai City.

Still, he is not qualified to meet that expert, and this makes Qin Shou’s heart pop up.

“Brother Xiong, who is that expert? How much respect Mr. King Kong has for him?” At this moment, Qin Shou became more and more curious about the expert.

As these words fell!

A hint of playfulness appeared on Li Xiong’s face:

“Have you heard that some time ago our masters and all us (disciples) went to Jiang City to a challenge, where we lost?”


Qin Shou got taken aback for a moment, then nodded and said:

“Brother Xiong, obviously I know about this! You failed because of a grandmaster in Jiangshi!”

“Yes!” Li Xiong nodded and said excitedly:

“You can’t imagine how much that expert is powerful! That time, he didn’t even make an act. He just found a little guy, gave him instructions, and we were defeated!”

“Furthermore, the blood wolf, the tenth in East Asian killer list, was also abolished by his three tricks!”

“That expert name is Grandmaster Lin!”


The words made Qin Shou’s body tremble.

He has heard of this person-Master Lin.

He has even watched the video of that man abolishing the blood wolf.


When Qin Shou was thinking of Grandmaster Lin in the video, he got taken aback.

For some reason, the figure of Grandmaster Lin in his mind gradually overlapped with the figure of Shaun.

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