Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 633

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Chapter 633


Qin Shou got stunned after thinking.

Then he shook his head quickly, and threw the absurd idea in his mind:

“How could that bastard be Grandmaster Lin? I must be mixing my thoughts!”

Qin Shou comforted himself.

At this moment, Li Xiong opened the car door and said directly:

“Let’s go! Help you finish this little thing first!”

Hearing this!

Qin Shou didn’t think agreed and hurriedly followed Li Xiong. They both walked slowly towards the Mercedes-Benz surrounded by majestic figures.

At the same time!

On the Mercedes-Benz, Elvira’s pretty face was as white as paper.


She didn’t expect that the two of them will be in trouble at this time.

Especially looking at the brawny men holding sticks, Elvira only felt a tingling scalp:

“Shaun, what shall we do now?”

Elvira looked at Shaun eagerly.

Shaun is still looking calm, he said with a smile:

“My wife, don’t worry, with me, even the king of heaven can’t hurt you!”


Elvira got taken aback for a moment. She never thought that her husband could be so calm while facing this kind of scene.

However, it was Shaun’s calmness that Elvira’s worried heart got soothed.

It’s just that she just took a breath.

They saw it immediately!


The crowd surrounded by Mercedes-Benz straightly separated a road, and then two figures walked over.

“That’s Qin Shou from the Qin Group!”

“Shaun you run away, live me alone here. They can’t dare to do anything with me, but if you fall into Qin Shou’s hands, you will be completely over!”

Elvira’s face was as pale as paper.

When Elvira saw Li Xiong next to Qin Shou, she got more shocked:

“That person, isn’t he is the disciple of King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai City?”

Before, Elvira had seen him in the video of challenge held in Jianshi.

She remembered clearly that it was this poisonous eagle Li Xiong who almost swept the underground forces in Jiang City, fought eleven battles, and won all.

In her opinion, Shaun can’t do anything at all against this giant.

But she didn’t notice that, after seeing Li Xiong, the corner of Shaun’s mouth rose slightly as like he has seen a joke.

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