Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 634

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Chapter 634


“Little beast, aren’t you very arrogant? Get out of the car, come on, my brothers will greet you well!”

At this moment, outside the Mercedes-Benz, Qin Shou was extremely rampant.

He patted the front hood of the Mercedes-Benz car vigorously and yelled at Shaun.

“Get off! Otherwise, I will crush your car into iron mud!”

Qin Shou, Li Xiong, and others were backed up, and the roar became louder.

And just after his words fell!


The door of the Mercedes-Benz suddenly opened, and then Shaun and Elvira slowly walked down.

And the moment they saw Shaun.

Li Xiong’s dismissive look suddenly froze, and a look of seeing a ghost appeared on his face.

“This is impossible!”

Li Xiong rubbed his eyes, and when he got sure that is Shaun, Wow, his whole face changed drastically.

Dense cold sweat rushed down from his forehead.

Qin Shou, who was next to him, didn’t notice his reaction.

Qin Shou’s gaze was on Shaun, and he shouted with a stern face:

“Boy, you are quite courageous! You dared to get out of the car!”

“Okay! Tell me, which your leg you want us to break?”

In Qin Shou’s voice, there was a cruel expression

And this sentence made Elvira’s pale complexion even less bloody.

She hurriedly stood in front of Shaun, and then said to Qin Shou:

“Qin… Young Master Qin, we had a misunderstanding before, can you let my husband go!”

“We can compensate whatever amount you want!”

Elvira got panicked.

She can’t see Shaun be beaten by all these monsters.

Just, compensation?


“You woman, don’t you have no brain? I’m Qin Shou, the Master of Qin Group, do I need your money?”

As Qin Shou said, the hideous look on his face became more and more intense.

He stretched out his left hand, pointed at Shaun, and shouted frantically:

“Boy, tell me, what should I do to you?”

Shaun smiled slightly, then glanced at Qin Shou with deep meaning, and then said:

“You don’t want compensation?”

“Joke! Ben Shao doesn’t want your compensation, what Ben Shao wants is your legs to be broken! I want to break your legs and hands so that you will be disabled for a lifetime!” Qin Shou’s face got vicious.

And this sentence made Elvira’s pretty face paler.

Just when Elvira wanted to continue to help Shaun intercede.

The smile on Shaun’s face became more brilliant:


“Okay! In that case, I agree, break my hands and feet and make my life a waste!”


Elvira got stunned!

Qin Shou is also shocked to hear this!

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