Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 635

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Chapter 635

Why didn’t they believe that Shaun actually agreed?

Is this guy an idiot?

When someone wanted to break his legs and feet, he actually agreed to it, which is unbelievable.

This is more than that.

Qin Shou and Elvira saw that after Shaun’s words fell.

Li Xiong walked straight ahead.

Da da da!

His footsteps were steady and powerful, and there was a bloody and brutal air all over his body.

Especially, when he took a baseball bat from a strong man next to him, he stepped forward aggressively.

Seeing this scene, Qin Shou immediately thought that Li Xiong will personally take revenge for him, so he got ecstatic:

“Hahaha…Brother Xiong! This kid has agreed. Come on, let him know how powerful Yunhai’s people are! Break his legs, break his feet! Make him disabled for life! Hahaha…”

Qin Shou was extremely rampant.

In his eyes, Shaun facing Li Xiong is like an ant meeting the elephant, and Li Xiong will abolish him in minutes.


Li Xiong smiled grimly, and he moved forward fastly.

As he came forward step by step Elvira’s heart jumped wildly almost popping out of his throat.

Especially, after she saw that Li Xiong was getting closer to Shaun.

Elvira panicked completely.

She wants to stop Li Xiong right now.

It’s just that the soles of her feet have just stepped out.

Suddenly, she saw that the baseball bat in Li Xiong’s hand swung out fiercely.


This baseball bat was so hot that it almost exploded the surrounding air, making a buzzing sound.



A bang followed.


At this moment, Elvira got stunned, and Qin Shou was stunned, everyone around couldn’t believe their eyes.

Because they were stunned to see that the baseball bat in Li Xiong’s hand didn’t hit Shaun, but instead it hit Qin Shou’s leg.


Qin Shou fell to the ground.

When he saw his broken leg, he suddenly screamed:

“Ahhhhh! My leg! Brother Xiong, you… why did you break my leg!”


Qin Shou could only feel a sharp pain like tide swept through from his leg, and his whole body trembled again.

He wasn’t imagining that Li Xiong will attack him instead of Shaun.

How is this possible?

At this moment, not only Qin Shou felt incredible.

Even Elvira and the hundreds of brawny men around there were also stunned.

They couldn’t imagine that things would be reversed like this.

It’s just that Li Xiong doesn’t care about the surprised gazes around him at all. His eyes are fixed on Qin Shou on the ground, and there is a ferocious smile on the corner of his mouth:

“Qin Shou, didn’t you just say it? You want to break your legs and become a useless person!”

“I fulfilled your wish!”

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