Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 638

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Chapter 638

“Enjoy your bankrupt life!”

Shaun left a word coldly, then took Elvira and walked slowly in the direction of the Mercedes-Benz.

And seeing this scene.

Li Xiong suddenly shook his body, and then bowed deeply towards Shaun’s back:

“Send Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin respectfully!”

Not only him!

The hundreds of brawny men around also hurriedly bowed to Shaun together:

“Send Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin respectfully!”

At this moment, the scene was shocked to the extreme.

Especially after the sound fell, those strong men hurriedly moved all the trucks away, and then stood neatly on both sides of the road, separating the road for Shaun’s Mercedes-Benz.

Until the Mercedes-Benz started and drove away slowly.

Li Xiong led hundreds of brawny men, once again bowed to the direction where Mercedes was leaving.


Seeing this scene, Qin Shou could hardly believe his eyes.

Li Xiong, who is the fourth disciple of King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai.

Even in the face of King Kong, Li Xiong is absolutely not so respectful.

But now!

In just one minute, he bowed twice!

This is incredible.

“Xiong… Brother Xiong, can you tell me who that person is? How could he let our Qin Group be finished! What is his identity?”

Qin Shou finally understood that he had caused a terrible disaster, and he was desperate and unwilling at this moment.

Just hearing this.

Li Xiong turned around and glanced at Qin Shou with pity, then said:

“He is the mysterious expert who taught our master Kong!”

“He is the one who with the three tricks abolished the terrifying existence of the blood wolf!”

“He is Jiang City’s Grandmaster Shaun!”


After hearing Li Xiong’s words Qin Shou’s eyes became black and he got the feeling of fainting.

Even the hundreds of brawny men around, with cold sweat on their foreheads, were frightened.

They finally came to knew why Li Xiong respected Shaun this much, and finally understood why Shaun’s words completely ended the Qin Group.

It turned out that he was Master Lin who shook China and Jiangnan recently!

Thinking of themselves besieging the great master.

The faces of the hundred brawny men were shocked green.

And Qin Shou’s body trembled even more.

At the same time!

On the Mercedes-Benz, Elvira has not yet reacted to the shock.

She thought it was over.

She never dreamed that things would turn upside down like this.

A hundred people bowed to salute.

In one word, a group was wiped out.

Is my husband doing all this?

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