Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 644

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Chapter 644


Zhu Zhide and the others got taken aback, they did not expect that the fat man’s anger would become cool this early.

“Yes! This table is ours!” Zhu Zhide responded angrily.

And this sentence made the smile on the corner of the fat man’s mouth eviler.

“Okay! I can give it to you!”


Zhu Zhide and others got amazed for a moment and then a trace of joy suddenly appeared on their faces.

It’s just that the joy on their faces has just appeared, then the fat man’s words made everyone’s complexion changed.

“But there is one condition, this little girl must accompany me to dinner!”

The fat man’s finger pointed at Elvira.


Let Elvira accompany me?

After hearing these words from Fatty, everyone’s expressions changed.

They didn’t expect that this fat man would be so arrogant, first, he robbed the table from them and then forcing Elvira to accompany him to eat.

“What nonsense are you talking about! My niece, why should she accompany you!” Yuzhi’s expression got sullen with anger.

And Zhu Ru and others next to her also burst their lungs with anger.

After all, it was too disgusting to encounter such kind of a**hole before eating a meal.

“Yes! Do you know who she is?”

“Huh! Don’t you look yourself in the mirror! How my cousin can accompany with such a scum like you, stop dreaming!”

Zhu Ru and her husband were so angry that their faces turned green.

after all!

They know the true identity of Shaun, the genius doctor Lin, the great master Lin, BLOOD!

Any identity of this is extremely terrifying.

As Shaun’s wife, Elvira’s identity is also unattainable.

This fat man wants Elvira to accompany him to eat. He is an idiot.


After hearing the curses of Zhu Zhide and others, the fat man’s face changed completely.

“Good! What an arrogant family! It’s a pity that you forgot, this is the Shengshi Hotel!”

The corners of the fat man’s mouth showed a spicy arc.

Especially, after he found out that Elvira was much more beautiful than all the women around him in terms of appearance and figure, his heart became even fiercer.

At the moment, he told the lady at the front desk:

“Call, let the snake come over!”

“Today, I am going to decide for this little girl!”


Hearing the words of Fatty, everyone immediately saw that the lady at the front desk glanced at Shaun and the others with a sneer, as if laughing at their overpowering ability, then instantly dialed a phone.

This scene made Zhu Zhide and others feel bad in their hearts.

They can see that this fat man has a deep friendship with the owner of the Shengshi Hotel.

Thinking of this.

Zhu Zhide quickly said to Elvira and Shaun:

Shaun, Elvira, this time I couldn’t manage to arrange the best venue so why don’t we eat somewhere else.

Zhu Zhide’s family looked at Elvira and Shaun, full of guilt.

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