Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 645

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Chapter 645

They are just ordinary people!

If that fat guy has something to do with the Shengshi Hotel, they definitely can’t afford it.

Hearing this.

Elvira nodded immediately and said:

“Okay! Let’s go somewhere else!”

After speaking, Elvira immediately pulled Shaun away.


When they were about to walk out of the door of Shengshi Hotel.


They suddenly saw a group of security personnel rushing out of the Shengshi Hotel.

Everyone is burly and powerful, dressed in a suit, neat and well-trained.

In particular, the sharp middle-aged man at the front, with a slab inch and triangular eyes, is as sharp as a snake.

As soon as he appeared, he shouted:

“Who has the guts to make trouble in the Shengshi Hotel!”

Seeing this middle-aged man and the group of fierce bodyguards who came over, Elvira and the others got shocked, and the fat man has a lot of joy on his face.

“Viper!” The fat man hurriedly shouted.

Seeing Fatty, the middle-aged man named Viper, smiled slightly and said:

“Brother Cai, what’s the matter? Has someone offended you?”

The attitude of both is intimate, and obviously, they are very close.

And hearing this.

The fat man pointed to Elvira and the others who were about to leave, and then said with a smile:

“Yes! These people provoked me! Especially that pretty chick, I’m going to make an appointment with her today!”


Hearing this.

The poisonous snake got taken aback for a moment. When he saw Elvira’s beautiful face and enchanting figure, his eyes lit up and his smile became eviler:

“Hehe… Brother Cai has a good vision! Okay, I will give you a favor today!”

That’s it!

With a wave of the viper’s palm, he said to a group of security personnel behind:

“These people dared to come to the Shengshi Hotel to make trouble, go! Get them all!”


As soon as this remark came out, the expressions of Yuzhi’s family changed.

They couldn’t even dream that the people in this grand hotel were so arrogant and domineering, indiscriminately, they wanted to plant and arrest people, this is simply lawless.


Especially, when they saw more than 20 security personnel besieging them all, Zhu Zhide and others’ faces turned pale.

What to do?

Dense cold sweat flowed down from the foreheads of Zhu Zhide and others.

These are the security of Shengshi Hotel!

The other party belongs to the Universal Group, such a behemoth.

Let alone these little people.

Facing the Shengshi Hotel, even the giant families like Fei and Qi can’t provoke them.

After all, the background of this hotel owner is simply too terrifying.

And now…

What to do?

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