Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 646

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Chapter 646

The faces of Yuzhi’s family were pale and full of panic.

But just when they got worried to the extreme.


A footstep sounded suddenly and Shaun walked out of the crowd.


Seeing Shaun, Zhu Zhide, and others become happy, but after thinking about the background of the Shengshi Hotel, they hurriedly stepped forward to stop Shaun.

“Lin…Shaun, don’t be aggressive, they are from the Shengshi Hotel, we can’t provoke!”

“Yes, cousin, although you are very good, these people have Universal Group as back!”


Yuzhi’s family is afraid that Shaun will clash with the people of Shengshi Hotel.

They were not worried about how Shaun, the great master, would be harmed.

What they were really afraid of was that if Shaun took any action against these people, it would be equivalent to provoking the Shengshi Group, which is indirectly equal to provoking Universal Group.

This is absolutely a disaster for anyone.

Even Elvira, with a pale face, stretched out one hand and quickly grabbed Shaun.

“My wife, I’m fine, I just want to talk to them!”

Shaun smiled slightly, then patted Elvira’s jade hand.

Talk to them?

Seeing Shaun’s calm expression, Elvira hesitated slightly, and finally, let go of his palm.


Shaun stepped out of the crowd immediately. He glanced at the fierce security guards around him, then rolled his eyes, looked at the poisonous snake, and said coldly:

“What are you in Shengshi Hotel?”


The poisonous snake got taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that this young man would be so calm while facing him as if he had no fear at all.

“Huh! I’m the Viper, the security manager of Shengshi Hotel!”

The poisonous snake smiled coldly, especially after he saw Shaun’s shabby casual clothes, a thick sneer appeared at the corners of his mouth:

“What? Do you want to complain against me? It doesn’t matter, you can complain!”

“But table, forget about it! And your woman, hehe… forget about her too!”


The words of the viper were arrogant.

After he finished speaking, he and Mr. Cai, the fat man next to him, burst into laughter.

“Hahaha…boy, looking at your shabby clothes, you shouldn’t come to the Shengshi Hotel, and you shouldn’t have such a beautiful wife!”

“That’s right! What about robbing your table? What about robbing your wife!”

The two are used to bullying other people.

At this moment, their attitude towards Shaun was extremely contemptuous, as if in their eyes, Shaun was crushed to death, like an ant.

However, when the two of them burst into laughter, a slap suddenly resounded.

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