Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 716

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Chapter 716

Irene was slightly startled.

Yu Chengqian smiled embarrassedly, “You know, I am a perfectionist. If you have ugly scars on your body, I’m afraid I won’t be able to k!ss you.”

Irene’s face turned red in an instant. Immediately moved to the side. A wary face said: “It’s impossible for me and you.”

Yu Chengqian looked at the wide three-eighth line between them and sighed: “I, Yu Chengqian, have managed to treat a woman seriously in this life, but you dislike it.”

The driver’s face instantly turned pale, and he was sweating like rain.

From time to time, he looked at Irene from the rearview mirror, and he became afraid of her life.

In this world, the woman who rejected the young master of his family ended up miserably.

Irene didn’t even realize what character she offended, and even more embarrassed Yu Chengqian: “When you get to the imperial capital, you can put me down. I am very familiar with the emperor and will not lose it.”

Yu Chengqian stared at her blankly, “So you want to get rid of me?”

Irene looked at his aggrieved expression, alive the abandoned little daughter-in-law, and found out that she felt like she was crossing a river and breaking a bridge.

“Aren’t you going to do business in the imperial capital? Then I will send you where you want to go. Can I leave afterwards?” She gave in.

Yu Chengqian stubbornly pulled her hand over and held it in his palm. Although it was a gentle tone, it revealed a touch of irresistible dominance. “Don’t try to get rid of me. This idea is stupid.”

Irene withdrew her hand, learning her tone, gentle and domineering: “Don’t want to control me, because you can’t do it.”

Yu Chengqian smiled, and this woman was so cute that he liked it more and more.

Yu Chengqian is very gentlemanly, “I will take you home.”

Irene was very embarrassed. Both her parents knew that she was not a casual girl, and she would inevitably cause misunderstandings when she took a man home.

She had only taken Jacob home in her life.

In order to prevent unnecessary trouble, Irene made up her mind to get rid of this narcissist.

“Stop the mall in front.” Irene pointed to the mall in front, grinning at Yu Chengqian, “I’ll get my mobile card.”

Yu Chengqian nodded. Tell the driver, “Stop at the mall entrance.”

After getting off the car, Irene squeezed a beautiful Jiyue smile at Yu Chengqian, and then walked towards the mobile phone shop in the mall.

Yu Chengqian watched Irene’s back shuttle among the bustling crowd, and for some reason, he was always able to accurately capture her figure, who was blind in the past.

She is so outstanding.

Even if she is wearing an ordinary vest and skirt, her figure is perfectly proportioned, stunning everyone’s beauty and making her stand out from the crowd. And she was filled with the positive energy of positive sunlight, like a magnetic field, attracting his attention.

Irene entered the door of the mall, suddenly turned around and waved at him. She opened her mouth and said arrogantly with her lips: “Yu Chengqian, goodbye.” Then she ran away.

Yu Chengqian understood her lips. He smiled without anger, “Is a disobedient woman. I have to domesticate it.”

The driver is petrified. He was stunned by the master’s abnormal behavior.

If it was before, if a woman provoked the young master like this, the young master would probably make her jerky.

Irene went out from another exit of the mall, originally thinking that Yu Chengqian was not familiar with the emperor and could easily get rid of him. Who knew he was smiling at her from the exit of the mall.

Irene was stunned, then backed away and ran away.

She didn’t believe she couldn’t get rid of this guy.

Yu Chengqian, who is more confident than her, does not believe that she can escape his Wuzhishan.

He is equipped with a pocket monitoring system on Irene’s clothes.

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