Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 687

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Chapter 687

But Baishan and Paula optimistic that Shaun would never lie.

He said they are coming, so he must be here soon.

“Let’s go to the side and wait!” Bai Shan said to his wife Paula. At the moment, the couple walked straight to a corner of the parking lot.

Seeing this scene.

The Bai family members started to ridicule them more.

In their eyes.

Not only Shaun is a liar, but the Baishan and Paula are fools.

At this moment.

People around started to scream.
“Look, there are car lights in front! Could it be that the big guy’s car is coming?”


As this scream sounded, for a moment, one after another people started to look towards the front of the main road.

Suddenly, under their shocking sight, a series of extremely bright car lights appeared in the sight of everyone.

It turned out to be a team.

Particularly, ten Rolls-Royces were in front clearing the way. This scene is shocking for everyone there.

Cloud D00000!

Cloud D66666!

Cloud D88888!


One after another, the license plates made the shocking screams among the big Jiangshi crowds louder and louder.

“Oh my god, I know that Yun D00000! It is Fei Lao’s car, it seems that the news is true!”

“Yun D66666 is the car of the old man of the Qi family in Yunhai City! Mr. Qi would escort him personally! This is simply too scary!

“Big brother! The person being escorted is a provincial-level boss, but I don’t know who is that person? “

There was an uproar among the Jiangshi crowd.

Almost every Jiangshi elder’s face was full of excitement.

Even the Bai family member’s complexion turned red with excitement. They grasped the gifts in their hands tightly.

But at this moment, Baishan’s mobile phone started to ring.


This telephone ringing was extremely abrupt, which immediately gained the Bai family’s attention. When they saw that it turned out to be Baishan’s phone rang, the second master Shirakawa couldn’t help but said with a sneer:

“Hahaha… Youngest, pick it! Maybe it is your trash son-in-law calling? Maybe he wants to tell you that they will arrive later in the night! Hahaha…”

Hearing Erye Shirakawa’s words, the rest of the Bai family members laughed.

The group of many giants of Yunhai City is coming, which means that all the ordinary vehicles coming from Yunhai to Jiang City, will arrive late the midnight.

Hearing the ridicule of the people around him, Baishan’s complexion became even more ugly. At that moment, he turned on the speaker of the phone.

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