Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 691

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Chapter 691

How, how is it possible!

Fei Lao, Qi Lao, King Kong, and all the giants of Yunhai City were escorting Shaun and Elvira?

This is like a fantasy.

Haibai didn’t respond for a long time until the phone was hung up.


The atmosphere in the car was suppressed to the extreme, Haibai and Harper still feeling like a dream.

“Dad, Cai Guofu had not broken Shaun’s legs? How could this be!”

Harper’s expression was extremely gloomy.

They have spent a huge sum of money, but now Shaun has reached alive in Jiang City, still being escorted by so many giants of Yunhai, this is out of imagination.

Haibai did not speak, he found Cai Guofu’s phone number, and then dialed it.

The number of Cai Guofu is off.

“Damn! Tomorrow we will go to the Blue Ocean Building, and meet Cai Guofu again! Anyway, the main thing is the Blue Ocean Building has not sold to Elvira, so our goal has been achieved!”

Haibai’s eyes were gloomy and terrible.

But he didn’t know.

It’s not that Cai Guofu doesn’t answer the phone, but that he has gone to hell forever.

And the Blue Ocean Building he was talking about is under Shaun’s name.

At midnight the next day.

Just after having a meal, Elvira and Shaun headed to the Blue Ocean Building.

“Shaun, what are we going to do in the Blue Ocean Building? It doesn’t belong to us. It is useless even if we go there for hundred times! With this time, it is better to find the company address again!”

Elvira’s eyebrows tightened Wrinkled and puzzled.

She still couldn’t understand why Shaun has gone crazy.

The Blue Ocean Building belongs to Cai Guofu, and he and Cai Guofu have bad relations. If we go to the Blue Ocean Building again, isn’t it an embarrassment for us?

But there is a smile on Shaun’s face, he said:

“Wife, there is a surprise for you.”


Elvira shook her head and laughed.

She and Shaun had been married for three years and she didn’t even know what a surprise was.

Thinking of this, Elvira was fortunate not to say more, she wanted to know what Shaun’s so-called surprise was.


Shaun drove Mercedes-Benz to the parking lot of the Blue Ocean Building.

However, when the two had just walked out of the parking lot and were about to walk into the Blue Ocean Building, two security guards immediately blocked their way.

“Excuse me, who are you looking for?” There are two tall security guards, and at this moment they are constantly staring at Shaun and Elvira.

When he heard this, Shaun smiled slightly and said:

“Let’s find Wu Xuepeng!”

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