Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 692

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Chapter 692

Wu Xuepeng!

When she heard this name, Elvira next to him was slightly taken aback, she knew that this person is the general manager of the Blue Ocean Building, and Cai Guofu has to entrust Wu Xuepeng to take care of the operations in the building.

Normal people would never see it, but Elvira did not expect that Shaun would call out Wu Xuepeng’s name in one go.

Not only Elvira.

After hearing this, the two security guards also looked straight and quickly asked:

“Sir, do you have an appointment with him?”

The attitude of the two security guards was obviously more respectful.

After all, Wu Xuepeng is their general manager, and those who dare to call their general manager’s name are obviously not ordinary people.


“No!” Shaun smiled slightly, and then said meaningfully:

“You tell your general manager that the person who took over the Blue Ocean Building is here!”


Shaun’s words not only made the two security guards stunned, but Elvira next to him also got shocked.

No appointment!

Take over the blue ocean building?

Is this guy crazy?

In an instant, the expression of two security guards looking at Shaun changed, it seemed as if they were looking at a fool.

“Sir, are you kidding? You dare to find our general manager without an appointment and take over our Blue Ocean Building?”

“Yes, are you kidding us?”

The two security guards looked at Shaun at the moment.

But, just when Shaun was about to say something.

Suddenly bursts of laughter came from behind.

“Hahahaha…Shaun, are you crazy? Taking over the Blue Ocean Building? Is it up to you to do anything you want!”

“Hahaha, a person who was rejected by Cai Guofu started to lie. What an idiot!”

Dang These two voices came.

Shaun and Elvira turned their eyes to look back and suddenly realized that there was a group of people behind them, coming towards them.

The people who spoke just now were Haibai and Harper.


Among the crowd, there are also senior figures from the Bai Group including Erye Shirakawa.

At this moment, these Bai family members looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a fool, full of ridicule.

When these people came closer.

Elvira’s pretty face instantly turned pale.

She knew that now the Bai family’s hatred for her family is at an extreme.

“Second uncle!”

Elvira greeted Haibai and second master Shirakawa, but when he heard this, Haibai sneered in response and said:

“Elvira, I’m not your uncle now! After you had established the New Bai group, we are not family now. And I should call you President Elvira!”

President Elvira!

Anyone can hear the ridicule and disdain for Elvira in the Haibai’s words.

And this sentence made Elvira’s pretty face paler.

It’s more than that!

Haibai continued:

“Elvira, let me tell you the truth! Our Bai Group has already reached an agreement with Cai Guofu. This time we are here to sign the contract!”

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