Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 705

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Chapter 705

Especially after seeing the director Niu Yunkui’s respectful look towards her, she was getting more confused and couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Until Niu Yunkui and all the police escorted Xuepeng Wu and left.


The entire lobby of the Blue Ocean Building fell into a dead silence.

The eyes of everyone in the Bai family stared at Elvira and Shaun, one by one, like a mourning test, and their faces were ashamed.

That’s it!

The Blue Ocean Building finally fell into Elvira’s hands, and their Bai family was wiped out for one hundred and fifty million. This made a trace of ominous premonition permeated the hearts of all Bai family members.

After a while, the Blue Ocean Building was renamed as New Bai Group!

As soon as this news came out, Jiang City got shaken.

However, this does not stop. When people heard that Cai Guofu will transfer all the industries under his name to Elvira for free, even after his brother has beaten to death.


Jiang City shook, and almost everyone could not imagine how Elvira did it.

During the trip to Yunhai City, she had accepted billions of assets. This terrifying speed of gold absorption broke everyone’s eyes.

From this moment on, the New Bai Group has completely attracted everyone’s attention, and even everyone has a premonition that this is the rise of a business legend and the beginning of the old Bai Group’s downfall.

Bai family!

All the senior members of the Bai family gathered, but the atmosphere was dull and suffocating.

On the floor of the main hall, two people are kneeling, it is Haibai and Harper.

At this moment, the faces of both father and son were as ugly as dead gray, and there was a faint unbelievable in their expressions.

“Dad! This thing is too weird, Cai Guofu brothers in Yunhai city did a ruthless role! How can he transfer assets worth billions to a girl!”

Haibai looked at Mr. Bai, his face is full of bitterness.

And Harper shook his head vigorously and said:

“Grandpa, I always feel that all this has nothing to do with Elvira, but with Shaun!”


Hearing this, Mr. Bai’s eyes narrowed slightly:

“Harper, you continue to say!” At this moment, everyone’s eyes were concentrated on Harper.

Harper took a deep breath, and said the incredible guess in his heart:

“Grandpa, I have already inquired clearly. When in Yunhai city, Shaun had friction with Cai Guofu’s younger brother Cai Guoquan, which led to Cai Guoquan.

His hands and feet were broken by Xu Sheng!” “Due to this Cai Guofu became angry, and even sent killers to assassinate Shaun!”

“But somehow, all the four killers died! Cai died also. Brother Guofu also disappeared without any trace!”

After saying this, Harper felt a chill on his back, thinking of Shaun’s delicate face, he actually had a shuddering illusion.

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