Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 726

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Chapter 726


When they saw Elvira, each of the young talents brightened their eyes, and bursts of fiery luster flashed in their eyes.

When they saw Shaun, their brows furrowed tightly, and a deep contempt and disgust appeared on their faces.

“Coco…… Elvira, my dear sister, you are finally here!”

At this time!

A chuckle like an oriole sounded.

Then, from the very center of the box, a man and a woman walked quickly towards Shaun and Elvira!

Of these two, the female is Zhou Nan, and the male is the host of this banquet-Leng Bufan!


When they saw the man and the woman walking towards Elvira, the surrounding guests gave way. Everyone looked at the man and the woman with a strong flattery sight.

“Haha, Elvira, my good sister, I knew you would come!”

That woman was extremely gorgeous, with peach eyes and spring, giving people a fascinating feeling, especially her lips, smeared with gorgeous red, giving people a charming feeling.

And this person is Zhou Nan!

When she was in school, she had the best relationship with Xu Yanhong, and Elvira was the most jealous.

“Zhou Nan, well… long time no see!”

Above Elvira’s pretty face, it was obvious that she was a little uncomfortable with Zhou Nan’s enthusiasm, and she replied with a dry smile at the moment.

And beside Zhou Nan, there was a white-faced young man.

His temperament looks extremely noble, especially in an Italian tailored suit, which gives people a sense of wealth.

He is the protagonist of this party-Leng Bufan.

Only at this moment, after seeing Elvira, Leng Bufan’s cold and arrogant eyes suddenly flashed a thick and stunning color.

What a nice view!

Leng is extraordinary and lustful by nature, and the beauties he has seen are just like Guo Jiangzhiqing, countless.

But whether it is appearance or temperament.

Elvira in front of him is definitely the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Not only that!

Even if it was his girlfriend Zhou Nan, standing with Elvira at the moment, she was inferior.

Seeing this scene!

A thick smile appeared on Leng Bufan’s face. At this moment, he walked in front of Elvira and stretched out his hand with a smile:

“Jiang City’s No. 1 Beauty President is not as well-known as meeting, and the meeting is more famous!”

“President Elvira, hello, my name is Leng Bufan!”

Extraordinarily cold!

He speaks confidently and does not introduces his identity, but gives people a condescending feeling of overlooking.

Seeing this scene!

Elvira was a little embarrassed, but she bit her head and stretched out her hand:

“Hello, I am Elvira!”

Elvira’s jade hand, after she held Leng Bufan’s palm slightly, she wanted to withdraw it.

However, a wicked smile appeared at the corners of Leng Bufan’s mouth. In particular, he felt that the smoothness of Elvira’s hands made his heartbeat.

At the moment, he was holding Elvira’s jade hand tightly, and he was unwilling to let go.

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