Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 749

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Chapter 749


The box at the moment has no idea how long it has fallen into this deadly silence.

Looking at the five wicked men who fell on the ground, and then at their broken arms and legs, a cool air followed the soles of the feet of the people in the box, rushing straight to their foreheads, making their scalps numb.

Especially Leng Bufan.

He seemed to have seen a ghost, as if he had been drained of all his strength, fell to the ground, completely dumbfounded:

“No…impossible! The six evil spirits were trained by my grandfather himself, how could they be so easily abolished!”

“Grandmaster? Top master?”

“How could he be a top master?”

Leng Bufan was completely dumbfounded.

He thought that abolishing Shaun and taking Elvira was almost a certainty.

But he couldn’t even dream that crap person, who was called waste by the people of Jiang City, was so terrifying and tough.

The six evil spirits that he is proud of them are like a group of chickens and dogs in the hands of this person.

More than him!

At this moment, even Elvira was stunned.

She couldn’t believe the scene that just happened in front of her.

“How can Shaun be this strong?”

Elvira had seen Shaun defeating more than 20 people alone, but they were just ordinary people.

As compared to the six evil spirits they were nothing.

And now!

Shaun crushed the six fierce men who once dominated the Jiangnan underground world, and now he was so relaxed and free as if he has done nothing.

This made Elvira look at Shaun as a stranger.

Shaun didn’t care about everyone’s shock, he didn’t even look at the five evil spirits on the ground.

Instead, he took a step towards Leng Bufan.


The sound of his footsteps seemed to contain magical powers, and every step he fell made Leng Bufan’s body tremble.

Especially, Shaun’s stern voice rang out:

“Now, you term!”

“It’s time for your punishment!”


Leng Bufan looked at Shaun, who was slowly approaching him. He was in the ice pit, only feeling completely cold:

“No… I am from the Shengshi Group! I am the grandson of Great Master Leng Aotian!”

“Boy, you… If you dared to beat me, my father will not let you go, my grandpa will not let you go, nor will Shengshi Group let you go!”

Leng Bufan’s voice was trembling.

Just hearing this!

The smile on Shaun’s face became more intense:

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you!”

“I just want to abolish you!”

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