Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 750

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Chapter 750

Don’t worry, I won’t kill you!

When Leng Bufan heard Shaun’s words, he was completely relieved.

He was afraid that Shaun, a lunatic, would kill him.

And now.

His threat played a role, and this guy has got afraid of his background.

However, Leng Bufan wanted to say something.

Shaun’s next words made him completely dumbfounded.

“I just want to abolish you!”


Hearing these words, Leng Bufan’s heart started to beat wildly.


What does this guy want?

A terrible thought appeared in Leng Bufan’s mind, and it almost scared him to pee.

However, just when Leng Bufan wanted to turn around and flee, he saw Shaun approaching and kicked him violently against his private place.


Almost to the extreme.

Leng Bufan only felt pain under his crotch, making him horrified and dying:


His screams resounded in the box.

The people around saw in amazement that Shaun had already kicked hard between Leng Bufan’s legs.


A crackling sound came from Leng Bufan’s crotch, and he fell two meters away.

He knelt on the ground with a puff.



Blood started to flow from his private place and like a tide completely swept his nerves.


He is screaming terribly.

Everyone saw that Leng Bufan’s whole body was like a cooked prawn, kneeling on the ground, he clamped his legs.

But the blood continued to penetrate the clothes and flow to the ground.


Also wasted!

The sound of inhaling cold air continued to resound in the box.


All the people of Jiang City were shocked by Shaun’s action.

“God… my goodness! Did he abolish Leng Bufan? It’s over, he has broken the sky!”

“Shaun, you are crazy! Do you know that Leng Bufan is a member of the Shengshi Group! Our Tianlong Group and Shengshi Club in Jiang City are all the properties of Shengshi Group! You are done! You are dead!”

“Crazy man! You crazy man!”

The people around got completely panicked.

After all, Leng Bufan’s identity background is too terrifying, and now Shaun has abolished Leng Bufan in front of everyone, the Shengshi Group and Great Master Leng Aotian will not be happy with everyone here.

A trace of panic-filled everyone’s minds.

Especially Zhou Nan.

Her pretty face was as white as paper, and she hurried forward, trying to help Leng Bufan:

“Elvira, what a good thing your husband did! He deserves to die now, and you deserve to die too! Wait and see! Shengshi Group will not let you go! You are finished now!”

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