Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 769

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Chapter 769

“I see! I will change clothes and come right away!”

“You let her wait for me in the reception room!”

After Shaun finished speaking, he ignored Gao Zhiyuan and walked straight to the changing room.

Looking at Shaun’s back, a hint of ominous premonition appeared in Gao Zhiyuan’s heart.

As if something happened!

“No… I have thought too much!”

“After all, He Jiaojiao is the granddaughter of Helen Mountain and has nothing to do with the genius Doctor Lin. What can happen?”

Gao Zhiyuan murmured, then stopped thinking about it and went to arrange for He Jiaojiao.

Conference room.

He Jiaojiao was listening to Gao Zhiyuan’s narration about some magical stories about Doctor Lin.

Her arrogant face flashed with deep joy:

“Gluck… Old man, it seems that this time this trip is worthy!”

“I didn’t expect that Dr. Lin will be such a strange person! Don’t worry, as long as he can help me beautify my face, I will introduce him to my grandpa!”

He Jiaojiao was full of joy.

After all, for a woman who loves beauty, nothing is more important than a beautiful face.

Hearing He Jiaojiao’s promise, Elder Gao nodded in satisfaction.

And at this moment!


The door of the meeting room was pushed open from outside.

It was a man wearing a surgical gown and a mask walked in.

“Huh? Doctor Lin, what are you…”

Gao Zhiyuan was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that when Shaun said he was going to change clothes before, he changed surgical gowns and wearing a mask?

Could it be that there is surgery today?

Doctor Lin!

“Hello, Mr. Lin, my name is He Jiaojiao, and I am the granddaughter of Grandmaster He Lanshan!”

“Nice to meet you!”

He Jiaojiao said enthusiastically.

Seeing this scene, Shaun nodded lightly, and then asked indifferently:

“Where are you here”


He Jiaojiao was taken aback for a moment. She didn’t expect that this genius doctor Lin was so direct that he came up and asked about the problem.

Why is this sound familiar?

He Jiaojiao’s brows wrinkled slightly, but she didn’t think much about it. Instead, she said with a smile:

“Mr. Lin, I don’t have any illnesses, I just want my face to be more beautiful!”

“Can you do it?”


He Jiaojiao looked at Shaun expectantly.

However, after hearing He Jiaojiao’s words, Shaun’s eyes suddenly flashed a little:

“No! Your face is not ugly!”

“But your brain is sick!”


Shaun’s words were icy cold and fell in the ears of Gao Lao and He Jiaojiao making them hard to believe.

Brain disease?

Is this guy scolding her?

After He Jiaojiao reacted, the enthusiasm on her pretty face faded in an instant, replaced by a deep gloom:

“You…you dared to scold me?”


Shaun shook his head lightly:

“No! You misunderstood, I didn’t mean to scold you!”

“I just… I’m going to waste you!”

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