Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 782

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Chapter 782

“But, that little guy seemed to be born to create miracles! From the time he was thirteen years old and ascended to the Throne of Darkness, he led us on crusades! The Hall of Hades and the Eight Gods Abyss have all become our dead souls!”

“Death fighting camp in America, Shura Valley in Asia! Thirteen places in Europe! All slaughtered by that man!”


Listening to the story of the Bloody Buddha, the blood wolf only felt his scalp burst.

Death fighting camp, Shura Valley, thirteen places!

These three names, ten years ago, can be said to be in full swing, each of them is unimaginable super cruel.

Five years ago, they were all destroyed.

Even more terrifying is the Palace of Hades and the Eight Gods Abyss!

Once this was the dominant force in the global dark world, no one dared to provoke them!

But what Blood Wolf couldn’t imagine was that all of this had something to do with his master and that mysterious man.

“Master, what’s the name of that man?”

The blood wolf was stunned.

Before, he thought that he, the top master, was already extremely powerful.

But at this moment, he understood that the mysterious man was thirteen years old, he could kill more than ten masters like him.

Not to mention now!

I’m afraid that he now doesn’t even have the qualifications to die in his hands.

“I don’t know his looks, I don’t know his name!”


When the blood wolf heard this, his head was even more dazed.

My master has followed that man for several years, killed countless people, and he doesn’t even know what that man looked like or what his name is?

How can this be?

“This is the iron law!”

Bloody Buddha looked at the blood wolf and said solemnly:

“In that place of death, unless he wants you to know who he is, otherwise you can’t ask!”

“Every time he appears in front of us, he wears a grimacing mask! From then on, grimace and skeleton have become our symbol and glory!”

“He, also known as the King of Blood Prison!”

It turned out to be him!

Hearing the name of the King of the Blood Prison, the blood wolf felt a cold breath and went straight to the forehead from the sole.

He has been invincible in the assassin world in the past three years after leaving the Bloody Buddha, but the most heard word is the legend about the King of Blood Prison.

Countless international bigwigs are in awe of this name.

Countless hero killers regard this name as the highest faith.


Blood Wolf didn’t understand why these international bigwigs were like this. After all, in his eyes, the legends of the King of Blood Prison was too mysterious and weird.

At this moment, after listening to what his master said, he understood.

King of Blood Prison!

This is the godless emperor of the global dark world, the supreme god!

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