Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 783

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Chapter 783

“Okay! Hurry up and take this devil’s grass!” The Bloody Buddha smiled slightly and stopped talking.

Hearing this!

The blood wolf nodded immediately, took the herbal medicine, put it in his mouth, and chewed hard.

As the herbs were chewed up, a little bit of liquid medicine flowed down the throat into the stomach of the blood wolf.

Suddenly, the blood wolf felt only a trace of coolness, and it followed his stomach and began to rush into the pubic area frantically.



At this moment, the blood wolf only felt that his dantian was as if he was struck by a knife, and he couldn’t help screaming in pain.

Sweat dripped from the blood wolf’s forehead.

His back was completely wet.

Seeing this scene!

The Bloody Buddha did not seem to be surprised:

“Hold it back! This is the medicinal effect of Devil’s Grass, slowly repairing your Dantian!”

After his word fell, the blood wolf was almost fainted by the pain, and suddenly awoke.

He hurriedly sat cross-legged on the ground, silently controlled his inner strength, and reunited towards his dantian.

Time passed slowly.

A quarter of an hour!

Half an hour!

One hour!

After a full three hours, the blood wolf was completely wet, as if he had been salvaged from the water.

But what is shocking is that the momentum on his body has become more and more surging.

That terrifying coercion was even more powerful than the top master before he was injured.

“Are you going to break through?”

At the corner of Bloody Buddha’s mouth, a thick grin of relief appeared.

And as his words fall!


A cracking sound rang from the blood wolf’s private area.


Within a few meters, it was like a gust of wind blowing, and the surrounding flowers and plants were blown to and fro.

And the eyes of Blood Wolf suddenly opened.


A trace of confusion appeared in the eyes of Blood Wolf. He touched his abdomen, and his face suddenly flushed with deep ecstasy and shock:

“My dantian has been repaired! And my strength has improved?”

“I am now the Grand Master?”


If it is heard by ordinary people, they will get shocked.

It took ten years for Leng Aotian from the master to reach the realm of a great master, and eight years for Helen Mountain.

But now!

With the help of a devil’s grass, the blood wolf not only repaired his Dantian, but even succeeded in breaking through from the previous top master to become a great master. If this is spread out, it will make a sensation in Jiangnan.

“Yes! Devil’s grass not only has the function of repairing the dantian, but also contains the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, which is of great help to your cultivation! Also, you already have a deep foundation, and breakthroughs are justified!”

Bloody Buddha nodded in satisfaction.

After being confirmed by his master, the blood wolf was even more ecstatic.

This feeling of recovering from loss, or even a higher level, is simply wonderful.

“Hahaha… I succeeded, I turned out to be a great master!”

“Lin, you will it? Tomorrow will be the day of revenge!”

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